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45 Zayn Malik Haircut Ideas that Go Every Direction

zayn malik haircut

One thing is for certain. Type and trend icon Zayn Malik has by no means been afraid to experiment together with his hair. In reality, it may be a correct factor to say that Zayn has no less than attempted if not succeeded to sport each haircut recognized to man. And you recognize what? We’ve got made an enormous collection of all of them, on your benefit. Listed here are 45 Zayn Malik haircut ideas to encourage you to look simply as good-looking as he does.

1. The Feathered Quiff Zayn Malik Haircut

This Zayn Malik haircut started off as a easy reduce with pale sides and an extended prime. Nevertheless, seeing as he has an plain artistic aspect, Zayn has turned the lengthy hair into a feathered quiff.

zayn malik haircutSource

2. The Buzzcut

The wonderful thing about this Zayn Malik haircut is that it showcases his superbly sculpted options. It also elongates his face and, mixed with that superior beard, makes the singer look rugged and manly.

zayn malik haircut buzzcutzayn malik haircut buzzcutSupply

3. The Parted Bangs

Long earlier than the famous ‘lengthy strand incident’ which sent all the world into an uproar, Zayn went by way of a interval when he used to put on his hair like this, with the bangs parted down the middle.

parted bangs zayn malik haircutparted bangs zayn malik haircutSupply

four. The Harry Potter

Right here is the Zayn Malik haircut that inspired legions of his fans to start out making memes of the young singer within the position of famous wizard Harry Potter. Don’t consider us? Go forward and look it up!

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSupply

5. The Blonde Buzzcut

There’s the buzzcut after which there’s the blonde buzzcut. Luckily for us all, Zayn Malik went for each. The pale, straw blonde highlights his olive pores and skin, as well as the beautiful shade of his eyes.

zayn malik haircut blonde buzzcutzayn malik haircut blonde buzzcutSource

6. Medium Hair Zayn Malik Haircut

There was also a time in Zayn’s life when he beloved his hair long. Buzzcuts and shaved sides gave method to long luxurious brunette locks adorning his lovely forehead. What do you, women, assume?

zayn malik haircut long hairzayn malik haircut long hairSupply

7. The Comb Over

It’s superb how the singer can flip an previous look into a totally new one with only a swoosh of his hair. Here he’s sporting the same shaved sides and long prime reduce from above. Only this time, the hair is swooped over the crown of the top.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSupply

eight. The Excessive Prime Zayn Malik Haircut

Not that he wants it, but this Zayn Malik haircut has the superior impact of both elongating your face and adding a number of inches to your peak, in case you fall brief.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSource

9. The Tousled Prime

This can be a still from one in every of his live shows, where the singer styled his hair into a really high and ruffled prime, again resembling Harry Potter a bit. The pink scarf is a much-welcomed spot of colour.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSource

10. The Green Zayn Malik Haircut

Should you thought the above minimize was edgy, just check out this jewel. The utterly shaved sides and back of his head clear the path for his tattoos to point out, turning him into a baddie with inexperienced hair.

green zayn malik haircutgreen zayn malik haircutSource

11. Pink Spikes Haircut

Significantly, is there something that Zayn Malik can’t pull off? Take a look at this neon rose pink that he selected to dab on his head. His hair is pink and he still seems to be like a complete badass. How cool is that?

zayn malik haircut pink hairzayn malik haircut pink hairSupply

For more spiky types, visit our spiky hairstyles record.

12. Young Grownup Zayn Malik Haircut

That looks like an overstatement, provided that Malik continues to be very young however nonetheless, here he’s in his more youthful years, with a full beehive happening. He nonetheless seemed drop lifeless beautiful.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSource

13. Prime Knot Zayn Malik Haircut

This rough and hard haircut suits Zayn perfectly. Plus, it is incredibly straightforward so that you can copy, if you wish to appear to be him. You possibly can even do it your self at house!

top knot zayn malik haircuttop knot zayn malik haircutSource

14. Pale Sides

We are in love with this Zayn Malik haircut and, let’s face it, who isn’t? The edges are shaved to perfection, while the highest is longer than with a traditional crew reduce, perfectly matching his beard.

zayn malik haircut faded buzzcutzayn malik haircut faded buzzcutSource

15. Army Fashion Zayn Malik Haircut

The great thing about Zayn Malik is that he can go from lengthy spikes and pink hair to army type identical to that. Evidently, he can pull them all off extremely properly. Ask your barber to provide you this stylized crew reduce.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSource

16. The Crew Reduce

The older he acquired, the extra his style sense and hair type matured as nicely. Zayn Malik went from the beautiful teenager with tousled Harry Potter hair to a downright coronary heart stealing younger grownup.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSource

17. The Blonde Long Spikes

Certainly one of Zayn’s favorite hairstyles consists of an extended minimize which he rises up on finish in very lengthy spikes. This time, he sported a stunning wanting platinum blonde with dark roots and undercut.

zayn malik haircut blonde hairzayn malik haircut blonde hairSource

18. The Tousled Spikes

When he’s not raising his blonde spikes on end, Zayn likes to grab a handful of mousse or hair wax and easily mess them up. The result is this boyish Zayn Malik haircut which makes him look younger and free.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSource

19. Wet Look Zayn Malik Haircut

As you possibly can properly see, Zayn can act critical as nicely. Here he is hanging a vogue-ish pose within the rain, sporting a black leather jacket. His hair is brief and barely curly, as well as a darkish shade of brunette.

zayn malik haircut rainzayn malik haircut rainSupply

20. The School Boy Zayn Malik Haircut

Again when he was slightly younger, Zayn used to sport this school boy look, complete with a gelled hairstyle and buttoned up checkered shirts. He was also being a little bit of a rebel by shaving the back of his head.

zayn malik haircut college boyzayn malik haircut college boySupply

21. The Purple Zayn Malik Haircut

Proving that he may be scorching in virtually any sort of haircut, here is the singer with purple hair. The highest of the top is longer but with no fringe while the aspect and back of the top are shaved down.

purple zayn malik haircutpurple zayn malik haircutSource

22. The Messy Zayn Malik Haircut

Because it was such a huge development up to now couple of years, Zayn couldn’t have missed his opportunity of donning a messy hairstyle. He selected to do his Viking fashion with shaved sides.

messy zayn malik haircutmessy zayn malik haircutSupply

23. Long Hair and Headbands

What are you able to do when you’ve got medium to lengthy hair? Take a cue from Zayn Malik and put on a easy, black headband. The wider it is, the higher it can look and the more snug it is going to be.

zayn malik haircut headbandzayn malik haircut headbandSource

24. The Retro Zayn Malik Haircut

Not solely is he sporting a stunning haircut with a 50s vibe right here, however Zayn has also chosen to dye a entrance strand blonde. In this approach, his curls gained much more depth and dimension.

zayn malik haircut retrozayn malik haircut retroSupply

25. The Zayn Malik Haircut with Braids

Long hair can grow to be a bit boring in the long term. However not so much whenever you’re one of the well-known pop singers on the planet. Zayn chose to slick again his lengthy hair and add a colourful braid.

zayn malik haircut long hair braidzayn malik haircut long hair braidSupply

26. Wavy Medium Size Hair

When you have wavy hair, this can be a nice solution to type it. Use some high-quality hair care product, part your hair on one aspect and pull all of it across your head. The outcome can be an exquisite bed head of a hair fashion.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSupply

27. Middle Partings

We guess you thought that middle partings in terms of boys are boring and dorky. You have been flawed. Zayn Malik is right here to show just that by wanting so superior is his wavy, center parted hair.

zayn malik haircut middle partingzayn malik haircut middle partingSupply

28. The Strand

When Zayn Malik confirmed up on the pink carpet with The Strand, the whole world gasped. His fan base went wild and women everywhere in the world proceeded to declare their timeless love for him. And all due to one strand of hair…

zayn malik haircut hair strandzayn malik haircut hair strandSource

29. Grey Hair

There isn’t any shade that the singer can’t pull off. Here’s a Zayn Malik haircut dyed in a phenomenal shade of stone gray which compliments his eyes as well as his pores and skin tone.

zayn malik haircut grey hairzayn malik haircut grey hairSource

30. Pastel Pink

What number of guys have you learnt that can pull off pink hair and nonetheless look superb? Zayn Malik must be on the prime of the record as a result of he simply did the unattainable. We consider he ought to receive the award for many lovely hair.

zayn malik haircut pink hairzayn malik haircut pink hairSupply

31. 90s Headband

Here is the singer sporting one other sort of scarf, which you’ll be able to easily buy for yourself. If not, we’re positive your sister still has one back from the age once they have been still scorching amongst teenage women.

headband zayn malik haircutheadband zayn malik haircutSupply

32. The Dreamy Zayn Malik Haircut

All you should copy this look is a few hair wax and a big comb. Take some wax into your arms, run your fingers by way of your hair to be able to push it all back and then use the comb to slick it.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSupply

33. Spikes and Blonde Quiffs

The singer is understood for truly inventing new hairstyles. That is a type of, the place he combined messy medium spikes on darkish hair with a blonde quiff within the entrance.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSupply

34. The Lengthy Quiff Zayn Malik Haircut

Whereas we’re as regards to his quiffs, here he’s sporting a very lengthy and fluffy one. The perfect factor to do here can be to maintain your beard trimmed to a stubble, so as to not cowl your head in hair utterly. Listed here are some more quiff coiffure ideas.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSource

35. Flower Crowns

We simply love him for this one. Right here is Zayn breaking all guidelines and limits and displaying everyone that the age-old conception that flowers are just for women is completely incorrect and outdated.

zayn malik haircut flower crownzayn malik haircut flower crownSource

36. The Scruffy Beard

We might normally not approve of the singer hiding his smoldering attractiveness beneath an enormous beard, but he simply seems good in this pic. The brief curly hair and fluffy beard appear to make the gaze go on to his eyes.

zayn malik haircut and large beardzayn malik haircut and large beardSupply

37. Chalk Hair

Right here is Zayn sporting yet one more shade of gray hair. This time, it’s a chalky grey shade, which he artistically paired with a T-shirt depicting the Versace Medusa and a geometrical pattern. What a look!

zazyn malik haircut chalk hairzazyn malik haircut chalk hairSource

38. The Good Man

Zayn appears like the great man subsequent door who will stroll the canine and mow the lawn simply to get a woman’s consideration. His medium size hair is styled utilizing wax and gel and better he couldn’t look.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSource

39. The Low Ponytail Zayn Malik Haircut

It doesn’t get any easy, or hotter, for that matter, than this. All you have to do is develop your hair right into a medium or shoulder size bob after which use some hair gel to slick it back into a low ponytail.

zayn malik haircut ponytailzayn malik haircut ponytailSupply

40.  The Trendy James Dean

Here is the fashionable James Dean Zayn Malik haircut, complete with a motorbike and a pale biker jacket. The aviators and enormous silver rings usually are not obligatory, but they are a welcomed addition that ties the entire look collectively.

zayn malik haircutzayn malik haircutSupply

41. Layered Zayn Malik Haircut

One thing is obvious. Zayn certainly likes his hair gel. That is how he obtained this beautiful brief and layered haircut with an extended prime. You’ll be able to copy this look but keep in mind to hydrate your hair rather well within the shower.

layered zayn malik haircutlayered zayn malik haircutSource

42. The Blonde Hair and Beard Combo

This hanging and one in every of a sort look was used for one among his movies. Zayn dyed not solely his hair but his beard as nicely in a creamy shade of beige blonde. It did wonders for his brown eyes, making them look more toffee than anything.

blonde beard zayn malik haircutblonde beard zayn malik haircutSupply

43. The Medium Disconnect

It’s protected to protected that Zayn Malik loves an excellent disconnected haircut. Right here he’s with an undershave and an extended comb over which provides him an edgy vibe in addition to the dangerous boy look he all the time needed to have.

medium disconnect zayn malik haircutmedium disconnect zayn malik haircutSupply

44. The Bald Fade

It’s apparent why this haircut known as a bald fade. The edges and back are utterly shaded off whereas the top might be so long as you want. Zayn went for a feathery and layered prime that made him look hipster and trippy.

bald fade zayn malik haircutbald fade zayn malik haircutSource

45. The Bald Zayn Malik Haircut

Speaking of bald, he did shave off his head utterly with a purpose to get one among his head tattoos and then present it off. It’s a stunning mandala that sits next to the rose in full bloom that the singer has tattooed on the back of his head.

bald zayn malik haircutbald zayn malik haircutSource


After scrolling by means of the complete listing, one has to confess that Zayn Malik undoubtedly has type. What’s even higher is that he managed to create an aesthetic that’s totally his own, full with the edgiest and most inventive haircuts we will see on at this time’s music scene. Let us know in the remark part under which one among these Zayn Malik haircut concepts is your favorite and why!

August 2019: We updated the types in this article.