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50 Hair Designs for Boys That Are Just the Cutest

cute hair designs for boys

Haircut designs are also referred to as hair tattoos, and they are now formally one of the largest coiffure developments of the fashionable world. Although grownups put on them as nicely, they are nonetheless a huge hit principally with youngsters, the perfect shoppers being little boys.

They add touch of caprice and ludic lovability to any brief haircut, which is strictly what every little boy’s haircut should have. Listed here are 50 potential hair designs for boys you and your bundle of joy might attempt.


1. Cute Hair Designs for Boys

Let’s begin out simply with an summary yet well-constructed sample that your son can put on in case he can’t make up his thoughts on a extra particular design. This one is cool and slick, placing us in mind of old-school graffiti.

cute hair designs for boysSource

2. Airplane Hair Designs for Boys

In case your son is in love with airplanes and every thing that has to do with flying, then he’ll love this design. It’s an aircraft in mid-flight that’s swooping round his taper fade with a tough part as its tails.

airplane hair designs for boysairplane hair designs for boysSupply

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three.  The Phases of the Moon

Is your little boy loopy about astronomy? Than we now have a whole collection of hair designs for boys arising for you. These are the phases of the moon, aptly ‘tattooed’ utilizing this cutie pie’s taper fade.

moon phases hair designs for boysmoon phases hair designs for boysSource

four. The Rising Solar

If your little man is more of a day individual and prefers to review the solar somewhat than the phases of the moon, then he can get a design depicting a rising sun over a hill, complete with rays and all. It appears incredible from the aspect.

sun hair designs for boyssun hair designs for boysSupply

5. Planets Hair Designs for Boys

This is probably not our solar system, but you possibly can contemplate it a bundle of planets which your little boy can proudly show wherever he goes. This is the surest strategy to grow to be the good kid in class!

planets hair designs for boysplanets hair designs for boysSource

6. Puma Hair Designs for Boys

Does your son have a favourite animal or favourite model for that matter? As a result of if he does, then you’ll be able to try to use it as an inspiration for his next hair design. Find a good barber that is aware of tips on how to work a stencil and check out it out.

puma hair designs for boyspuma hair designs for boysSupply

7. The Indignant Birds Hair Design

What is his favorite character from Indignant Birds? Relying on his answer, that’s what he’ll need to get designed on the aspect of his head. If he can’t make up his thoughts, keep in mind there’s all the time subsequent time, so as to check out all of them.

angry birds hair designs for boysangry birds hair designs for boysSupply

eight. Rolling Stones Hair Designs for Boys

There are few bands on the market with a emblem that’s simpler to recognize than that of the Rolling Stones. This hair design is aimed toward teenagers who have found the music of the Stones and may’t get enough of Mick and his buddies.

rolling stones hair designs for boysrolling stones hair designs for boysSource

9. Cougar Hair Designs for Boys

Whether it’s as a result of that is their favorite animal, as a result of they determine with it or as a result of it’s their group’s mascot, each boy will completely love to have this cougar ‘tattooed’ on the aspect of their tapered haircut.

cougar hair designs for boyscougar hair designs for boysSource

10. Preliminary Hair Designs for Boys

The letter ‘A’ is just an example here. The primary concept is in your baby to get his personal initial designed into his haircut. To make it even more particular, attempt a cute font that he really loves or one which the barber finds applicable.

letter hair designs for boysletter hair designs for boysSupply

11. Wolf Hair Designs for Boys

We’re back to the animal kingdom for inspiration with this design. It’s one of the best place to go, in any case, because it’s when boys are little that they’re most fascinated with wild animals and what they will do.

wolf hair designs for boyswolf hair designs for boysSupply

12. Scorpion Hair Designs for Boys

However it’s not simply wild animals they’re tempted by in their youthful years but insects of all types as nicely. That’s the reason scorpions may prove to be a terrific source of inspiration and a very cool hair design.

scorpion hair designs for boysscorpion hair designs for boysSupply

13. Dragon Hair Designs for Boys

Right here is the hair design to reign supreme over all the others. This fantasy creature lords over the imagination of all little boys like no other. Just take into consideration Smaug from The Hobbit and you will notice how immensely glad he might be.

dragon hair designs for boysdragon hair designs for boysSupply

We’ve put together more undercut hair designs just like the one above (no dragon nevertheless).

14. Lion Hair Designs for Boys

We could not have probably compiled this listing with out including the king of all beasts, the lion. Nevertheless, ensure you discover an excellent barber as a result of that is an intricate design that requires loads of talent.

lion hair designs for boyslion hair designs for boysSupply

15. Soccer Hair Designs for Boys

If your child isn’t into football, basketball or baseball, then he’s undoubtedly into soccer. International athletes comparable to Messi, David Beckham, and Cristiano Ronaldo have made this recreation extremely widespread everywhere in the world.

soccer hair designs for boyssoccer hair designs for boysSupply

16. Hair Designs for Boys with Flames

This may simply be the right hairstyles for summer time in your little boy. He can wear it throughout his holiday when he doesn’t should attend faculty and once you is usually a bit extra relaxed about etiquette and rules.

flames hair designs for boysflames hair designs for boysSupply

17. Mario Hair Designs for Boys

Here’s one other incredible instance of how intricate and detailed these hair tattoos can get. If your barber or stylist is expert sufficient he or she can create real artistic endeavors in your youngster’s head that may certainly get him observed.

mario hair designs for boysmario hair designs for boysSource

18. Jumpman Hair Designs for Boys

We’re already seen the design for soccer fanatics so now it’s time to move on to basketball. This is referred to as the jumpman and the sluggish fade and repetition of the design renders him in motion as he tries to score.

jumpman hair designs for boysjumpman hair designs for boysSupply

19. Hair Designs for Boys with Roses

This has obtained to be the prettiest entry on our listing. The roses are so delicate and lovely that they rework this urban and road fashion into a chic one match to put on at a marriage or a special event.

roses hair designs for boysroses hair designs for boysSource

20. Mickey Mouse Hair Designs for Boys

In case you plan on taking a visit to Disneyland in the course of the summer time holidays, what better solution to keep on theme than this Mickey Mouse hair tattoo? Mickey is the one cartoon character that started all of it and this hairstyle honors the House of the Mouse.

mickey mouse hair designs for boysmickey mouse hair designs for boysSupply

21. Tupac Hair Designs for Boys

Here’s one other concept meant for teenage boys who’re beginning to uncover their very own style in music. This can be a implausible hair design of rapper Tupac created in mesmerizing element and which seems incredibly lifelike.

tupac hair designs for boystupac hair designs for boysSupply

22. Clef Hair Designs for Boys

Let’s keep on the planet of music a short while longer with this minimal yet super clef tattoo. We especially love how intelligent it’s, because the arduous part of the coiffure continues naturally in the again forming a clef.

treble hair designs for boystreble hair designs for boysSupply

23. Spiral Hair Designs for Boys

Evidently, not all hair tattoos need to have a which means behind them. Some can simply be there for aesthetic or decorative functions. Such is this spiral hair design which ornaments a cute bald fade haircut.

hair designs for boyshair designs for boysSupply

24. Artistic Hair Designs

Right here’s another hair design for summertime. Is it piping scorching outdoors, and every thing seems to be melting round you? Then your haircut can symbolize exactly that. Use your surrounding surroundings as a supply of inspiration on your subsequent hair design.

hair designs for boyshair designs for boysSource

25. Snowflake Hair Designs for Boys

We even have an ideal concept for wintertime. It’s a hair design within the form of a snowflake. It comes outfitted with a stylized gush of wintry wind blowing on the aspect of the top, simply to make this coiffure even more fascinating.

snowflake hair designs for boyssnowflake hair designs for boysSupply

26. Abstract Hair Designs

This is likely one of the more demure and summary hair designs that your boy can wear to high school. Nevertheless, it is best to examine first to see if he is allowed, in any other case he might come residence with a word.

hair designs for boyshair designs for boysSupply

27. Minimal Hair Designs for Boys

You realize what they are saying. Typically, much less is extra. This appears to be the case with this specific hair tattoo. It’s an easy Z that finishes into a stunning wavy line. It’s good in case your little boy needs a more elegant take on this development.

hair designs for boyshair designs for boysSource

28. Elegant Hair Designs

Speaking of magnificence, you must at the least contemplate this design. It’s so superbly accomplished that we can’t consider it’s real. The haircut and taper fade are so good that the whole aspect pf the top seems graffitied in moderately than a haircut.

aerodynamic hair designs for boysaerodynamic hair designs for boysSource

29. Heartbeat Hair Designs for Boys

What higher approach to categorical your love than to design a heartbeat into your son’s coiffure? It may be an accurate one when you occur to have one useful or you possibly can just go for an summary heartbeat that simply exhibits love and adoration.

hair designs for boyshair designs for boysSupply

30. Batman and Superman Hair Designs

The Batman v. Superman emblem is, undoubtedly one of the coolest and most easily recognizable ones ever created in the historical past of cinematography. We also guess that your little boy is a fan of one of the two or even both.

batman and superman hair designs for boysbatman and superman hair designs for boysSupply

31. Greek Hair Designs

This is among the basic designs. We affiliate it most with Historic Greece and it definitely has a Mediterranean attract to it. There’s just one thing concerning the sq. spirals which were drawing our consideration for therefore lengthy.

greek hair designs for boysgreek hair designs for boysSupply

32. Spiderman Hair Designs

Superman and Batman belong to DC. So, now it’s time to provide Marvel a high five and see what a Spiderman hair design would appear to be. It’s a cobweb that appears to spring right from behind the little man’s ear.

spiderman hair designs for boysspiderman hair designs for boysSource

33. Iguana Hair Designs

This can be a hair design taken to a different degree. Why? Because it’s in 3D! All the things else we’ve seen up to now has been superb. But this design literally appears likes it might merely stroll off the boy’s head anytime it chooses to.

iguana hair designs for boysiguana hair designs for boysSource

34. Parallel Hair Designs

Parallel strains are all the time a basic and minimal design which you’ll be able to turn to if you want to please your little boy and comply with this development however in case you also don’t want one thing too extravagant. It’s a compromise answer.

parallel hair designs for boysparallel hair designs for boysSource

35. Star Hair Designs

Stars comply with the identical idea as parallel strains. They are daring sufficient to point out that your youngster is true on development however demure enough for him to nonetheless be capable of go to high school with out breaking any guidelines.

star hair designs for boysstar hair designs for boysSource

36. Whimsical Hair Designs for Boys

This hair design is proof which you can actually can get something you want ‘tattooed’ on the aspect or behind your taper fade so long as your creativeness knows no limits. Nevertheless, remember that you’ll have to visit your barber from time to time for a trim.

hair designs for boyshair designs for boysSupply

37. The Miami Heat Emblem

In fact, this is simply an instance of a workforce emblem that your little boy might get. That is the Miami heat emblem designed right into a haircut. Nevertheless, ask him what staff he supports and then tell the barber to carve their emblem into his taper fade.

Miami heat hair designs for boysMiami heat hair designs for boysSupply

38. Diamond Hair Designs for Boys

Why a diamond? As a result of your bundle of pleasure is sort of a diamond, in fact. Valuable and unique, not to mention probably the most lovely thing in your life. Subsequently, show your love and appreciation by allowing him to get this particular glittering diamond hair design.

diamond hair designs for boysdiamond hair designs for boysSource

39. Platinum Hair Designs

This is what hair designs seem like on platinum blonde hair. Although this concept may be fitted to older, teenage boys, it’s nonetheless one which you must take into accounts as a result of it appears so good and has so much trendy attraction.

platinum hair designs for boysplatinum hair designs for boysSupply

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40. The Window Impact

This hair design is known as the window impact because it appears like the floor of a window when the rays of the solar hit it. It’s based mostly on a mixture of black and white that mimic mild and shadow.

Windowed-Effekt hair designs for boysWindowed-Effekt hair designs for boysSupply

41. The Pikachu Lightning Bolt

Pokemon is likely one of the largest phenomenons on the planet and Pikachu is its king. Subsequently, it will seem solely pure that your youngster ought to want to get his lightning bolt ‘tattooed’ on his aspect of the top. It’s fun and infantile!

pickachu lightning bolt hair designs for boyspickachu lightning bolt hair designs for boysSource

42. Scalloped Stars Hair Designs for Boys

We’re in love with this scalloped design that appears to be a bit in three dimensions due to the size of the hair. Every scallop has a star within the center which immediately places you in mind of a football, the type they use in soccer games.

scalloped stars hair designs for boysscalloped stars hair designs for boysSupply

43. Trendy Hair Designs for Boys

There are specific youngsters that present an uncanny sense of favor and trend from a really early age. In case your little munchkin is one in every of them, then this is undoubtedly the hair design for them. It’s understated and fashionable with numerous grace to it.

elegant hair designs for boyselegant hair designs for boysSupply

44. Hair Designs for Boys with Waves

Pure born swimmers or little boys who simply love to splash around all day within the pool or at the seashore can channel their love for water with this unbelievable hair design shaped like inventive waves.

waves hair designs for boyswaves hair designs for boysSupply

45. Saturn Hair Designs for Boys

Saturn is a captivating planet indeed and it’s no marvel it’s your young man’s favourite. It also seems to be really cool as a model for a hair tattoo as a result of it has that awesome ring round it. When he’s tired of it, although, he can simply swap for an additional.

saturn hair designs for boyssaturn hair designs for boysSupply

46. Mandala Hair Designs for Boys

Talking of boredom, here’s one hair design you possibly can never grow tired of. Mandalas are eternally fascinating. They have so many shapes that it’s simply inconceivable to get via all of them. Congrats on this implausible selection!

mandala hair designs for boysmandala hair designs for boysSupply

47. Apple Hair Designs for Boys

What little boy doesn’t like gadgets? They virtually reside for them and Apple is likely one of the largest manufacturers and providers on the market. Not to mention they have one of the coolest logos.

apple hair designs for boysapple hair designs for boysSupply

48. Oak Tree Hair Designs for Boys

This is by far one of the coolest ideas involving hair designs we’ve ever seen. The stylist has used the boy’s curly afro to design the foliage of an oak tree and shaped the trunk and branches out of the edges of his taper haircut.

oak tree hair designs for boysoak tree hair designs for boysSource

49. Braided Hair Designs

It’s also possible to pair up this development with different new tendencies for boys that you simply like, corresponding to man braids. They may make for a very trendy combination that may put your little boy ahead of his recreation from a really early age.

braided hair designs for boysbraided hair designs for boysSupply

50. Hair Designs for Boys with a Bald Fade

You should use a taper fade or a bald fade for hair designs. They both work as a canvas for the stylist or the barber to work their magic and give your little bundle of joy the haircut of a lifetime.

hair designs for boyshair designs for boysSupply

For older boys, i. e. males, we’ve obtained bald fades with beard types on a separate record.


Hair designs for boys are all the time a implausible selection because they embody every part that a haircut for a child must be. They are fun, playful, lovable, yet surprisingly trendy on the similar time. Plus, this shall be a superb alternative for the kid to precise his artistic aspect by selecting the sample he loves probably the most.

July 2019: We up to date the types in this article.