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50 Undercut with Beard Styles for a Vintage Modern Look

top knot undercut with beard

Charles Darwin famously argued that beards are to men what colourful plumage is to peacocks. Darwin had fairly the bushy beard himself. Subsequently, he may need been a bit of biased there. Nevertheless, experiments do have a tendency to point out that when you shave a person, he turns into quite invisible to the ladies, as opposed to his bearded counterparts. Merely put, Darwin was proper. Identical to the mighty peacock, ladies love men with beards. Subsequently, we’ve put together an inventory of 50 fashionable undercut with beard types for you to flip via.


1. The Prime Knot

Evidently, we’re going to start out off our record of undercut with beard types with the last word trend development that has been sweeping the nation up to now few years. We’re talking concerning the prime knot, which you’ll be able to easily pair with an undercut and a wonderful beard.

top knot undercut with beardSource

2. Goatee Fashion

The beard fashion you select is determined by you and also you alone. In reality, stylists say you need to truly take your facial options and wishes under consideration when selecting a kind of beard. For instance, in case you have a robust jaw, go for a goatee.

medium goatee undercut with beardmedium goatee undercut with beardSupply

3. Viking Warrior Coiffure and Beard

It might be unimaginable to construct this record of undercut with beard types without mentioning the king of the Vikings, Ragnar himself. He sports activities a really long braid with an underneath shave adorned with battle tattoos and, in fact, an enormous, historical beard.

ragnar undercut with beardragnar undercut with beardSupply

four. The Onerous Half

Because the identify suggests, a hard half is a kind of hair parting however with a twist. What differentiates this from a standard aspect half is that you should ask your barber or stylist to do it for you with a razor.

hipster undercut with beardhipster undercut with beardSupply

5. Slick Hair and Beard

One other major development that men throughout have been raving about and you can attempt matching up together with your beard is the long slick back. So far as undercut with beard types go, you can’t miss with this one, seeing as it’s so cool and classy.

long slick back undercut with beardlong slick back undercut with beardSupply

6. White Undercut with Beard

Who says turning 60 means you must play the ‘grandpa half?’ Nicely, you may be the grandpa, however that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to’t be the good guy round. Sure, denim vest, platinum undercut, piercings, and sleeve tattoos cool grandpa.

white undercut with beardwhite undercut with beardSupply

7. Excessive Pompadour Undercut with Beard

The high pompadour could be a bit tough to get proper at first until you get the cling of it but keep it up. Belief us. It’s about to get really good. Particularly for those who maintain your undercut nice and clean and your beard as trimmed as attainable.

high pompadour undercut with beardhigh pompadour undercut with beardSource

eight. The Layered Slick Again

Luckily for all of us, the slick back comes in many styles and sizes, so you’ll be able to select whichever one compliments you greatest. This can be a layered and feathery model which can make you look inventive, artistic, and very urban.

blonde layered slick back undercut with beardblonde layered slick back undercut with beardSource

9. The David Beckham

Is it attainable the soccer celebrity David Beckham has tried every coiffure conceivable? Perhaps, we’ll by no means know. But we do know he went for this fashionable undercut with beard. Nicely, not likely beard as a lot as a D’Artagnan goatee, which makes him look a bit like he must be in ­The Princess Bride.

david beckham undercut with bearddavid beckham undercut with beardSupply

10. Lumberjack Haircut

In the event you like the lumberjack look, you then already know that, aside from the checkered shirts you’re alleged to wear, full and thick beards are additionally obligatory. You possibly can go for a brief slick back as properly, however it’s essential to introduce an undercut into your styling routine.

lumberjack undercut with beardlumberjack undercut with beardSource

11. Messy Undercut

This can be a messy fauxhawk with an undercut and a disconnect. The times of the old style, punk mohawks are lengthy gone now, and you gained’t see any extra spikes protruding from anyplace. As an alternative, we now have this artistic little undercut with beard gems to look ahead to.

messy fauxhawk undercut with beardmessy fauxhawk undercut with beardSource

12. Hair Design

Hair designs are additionally referred to as hair tattoos, and prior to now couple of years, they have developed so much which you can get them in any shape you want. Your favorite superhero, geometric strains, writing, logos, brands, cartoons, actually anything you’ll be able to think of. Listed here are some more concepts of hair designs.

hair design undercut with beardhair design undercut with beardSource

13. Mismatching Undercut with Beard

For those who determine to develop a beard, that doesn’t mean you possibly can’t dye your hair anymore. Actually, for those who choose the suitable shade and elegance the entire look properly, it could actually end up wanting extremely cool. Simply take a look at this blonde beige with natural darkish beard combo.

blonde hair black beard undercut with beardblonde hair black beard undercut with beardSupply

14. The French Braid

At first, men tried the man bun. They appreciated it. Then, they went for the top knot. They beloved it. Now they’re toeing the road with what has come to be often known as manbraids. These are often French braids on prime of the top which finish in a small prime knot.

french braid undercut with beardfrench braid undercut with beardSource

15. Cool Hairstyles with Beards

The key to this undercut with beard fashion is gel. Tons and plenty of it. Or some hair oil for those who want the more trendy strategy to hair care and styling products. Apply it copiously in your locks and use a comb to rearrange them neatly until you get the desired look.

gelled undercut with beardgelled undercut with beardSupply

16. The Strand

Do you keep in mind that incident when Zayn Malik attended a purple carpet occasion, and a single strand of his hair fell on his brow causing the whole internet to go absolutely insane? This is what it appears like once you attempt to reproduce it at residence. Not dangerous, right?

strand undercut with beardstrand undercut with beardSupply

17. The Caesar Fade Undercut with Beard

This haircut’s identify comes from Julius Caesar himself because he was depicted on many statues sporting something of comparable style. The hair is between one and two inches long everywhere in the head, and it additionally has very straight bangs. You’ll be able to, in fact, gel it up so as to look even more like the emperor of Rome himself.

caesar fade undercut with beardcaesar fade undercut with beardSource

18. The Salt and Pepper Mohawk

Like we beforehand said, gone are the days when everybody wore only one sort of pointy mohawk. We are living in the superb days of the inventive and reinvented fauxhawk, identical to this undercut with beard instance. Salt and pepper means grey, in fact.

salt and pepper mohawk undercut with beardsalt and pepper mohawk undercut with beardSource

19. Comb Over Undercut

We absolutely beloved this undercut with beard look. Each the undercut and beard are jet black and styled into perfection. The hair is softened with oil and combed over while the beard has been trimmed in a round, basic shape and paired with an overgrown moustache.

full beard undercut with beardfull beard undercut with beardSupply

20. Undercut with Beard for a Particular Occasion

Right here is the winner mixture for a special occasion in your life akin to a wedding or your prom. The beard, in this case, is a light-weight stubble whereas the hair has been gelled, slicked to at least one aspect with a aspect part and perfected by an undercut.

special event undercut with beardspecial event undercut with beardSource

21. Yard Wedding ceremony Undercut with Beard

Speaking of weddings, what do you do once you’re the groom? Don’t panic as a result of we’ve got the solution for this example as properly. Here’s a fantastically well-groomed beard with a retro fashion haircut and some classic waves that complete the whole look.

backyard wedding undercut with beardbackyard wedding undercut with beardSupply

22. Viking Haircuts

We’ve already seen Ragnar, the king of the Vikings, now let’s check out what a few of his royal subjects used to wear when it comes to hair. Why, undercut with beard types, in fact. Take a look at this lengthy slick again with one of many sides shaved off and an excellent lengthy beard! The Allfather approves.

viking undercut with beardviking undercut with beardSupply

23. Trendy Beard Types

Regardless that they have black or brown hair, some men can only develop a purple beard. We help the thought of you celebrating this reality and proudly displaying your hearth beard. Get some tattoos and a cool undercut hairstyle and present everyone what a badass you really are.

red beard undercut with beardred beard undercut with beardSupply

24. Aspect Swept Undercut

The truth is, this undercut with beard concept is a mixture of several types. It has a tough part, a aspect sweep, a excessive pompadour on one aspect, and an undercut. Not to mention that it’s geometrical and architectural on the other aspect because of the shaving and the way it’s finished.

hard part undercut with beardhard part undercut with beardSource

25. The Ryan Reynolds

One of the beloved actors in Hollywood in the intervening time is none aside from Deadpool himself. He likes to wear his hair in an excellent brief army buzz reduce which he combines with an undercut, resulting in what we now name the induction reduce.

ryan reynolds undercut with beardryan reynolds undercut with beardSupply

26. The Retro Undercut with Beard

Once we stated retro, we really meant it. This little hairstyle will take you again multiple hundred years ago, when men used to wear their hair very brief and slicked again with some further finger waves. Think about Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

finger waves undercut with beardfinger waves undercut with beardSupply

27. The Zayn Malik

Since we already talked about the now uber-famous incident with the strand, it was time to see the man himself. Here is singer Zayn Malik sporting an undercut with beard. His hair pays homage to the frosted spikes we all used to wear again within the 2000s.

zayn malik undercut with beardzayn malik undercut with beardSupply

28. Shaved Sides with Beard

Shaving off simply the edges of your medium length hair could have some fantastic results in your facial construction. It’s going to both elongate it and slim it, in case you want that, in fact. Not to point out that it’ll highlight your cheekbones, which we’re positive you’ll want for all your selfies.

golden undercut with beardgolden undercut with beardSupply

29. Quiff and Beard

The upper the quiff, the bolder the man. We all know that it may be a bit troublesome to construct such a excessive unicorn quiff, however will probably be the most effective development you’ve examined all yr, consider us. The instruments needed for this job are copious amounts of hair wax, a superb brush, and plenty of hairspray.

high quiff undercut with beardhigh quiff undercut with beardSource

30. Curly Undercut Coiffure

We’re back to our listing of recent undercut with beard types and another fauxhawk is ready for you to take it residence. This time it’s a curly one with a really long fringe that is supposed to hold loosely and lazily on your face till it meets the higher line of your beard.

curly fauxhawk undercut with beardcurly fauxhawk undercut with beardSource

31. Undercut with Beard and Dreads

Dreads are an outstanding protecting coiffure that you’ll positively love when you attempt it on. That is the brief model with thin and slender dreads in addition to an undercut and a really well-groomed brief beard. The golden nose ring is a wonderful addition to the entire look.

dreads undercut with bearddreads undercut with beardSource

32. Wavy Undercut with Beard

When you have naturally wavy hair, then you need to contemplate your self one of many fortunate ones. Positive, it may be a bit more durable to handle, particularly in the morning and once you go to the seashore and in places with high humidity, however you will look handsome in all of your footage. Plus, the women adore it!

wavy undercut with beardwavy undercut with beardSource

33. Mature Undercut with Beard

Mature men tend to seek out it increasingly tedious to are likely to their hair. We don’t actually know why as a result of, in our opinion, that’s when the fun should start. Both your hair and beard at the moment are streaked naturally with white and you’re lastly a silver fox. Take pleasure in it!

mature undercut with beardmature undercut with beardSupply

34. Latest Hair and Beard Types

Are you on the lookout for the good hairstyle potential? Look no additional. The only strategy to look cool is to easily be your self. Look pure and effortless and the cool issue will soon comply with. It’s only if you feel good in your personal pores and skin which you can truly seem engaging on the surface as properly.

curly undercut with beardcurly undercut with beardSource

35. Platinum Prime Undercut with Beard

This platinum prime with an all brunette undercut is the whole lot we’ve hoped and dreamed of. The truth is, if it appears considerably familiar, that’s as a result of that is the grown-up version of the frosted spikes we used to wear back once we have been in school or high school.

platinum top undercut with beardplatinum top undercut with beardSupply

36. Gray Undercut with Beard

In case you’re in love with unconventional colours, but don’t truly need to go all out with a loopy green or yellow, may we propose this demure but ravishing grey? The undercut and prime knot in the again full its trendy attraction.

gray undercut with beardgray undercut with beardSource

37. Dark Copper Undercut with Beard

Or, perhaps, you would like a fair newer development. Meet darkish copper. Alongside together with his pal brass, copper is right here to take over the world of magnificence and style and finish the supreme reign of the matte tendencies.

dark copper undercut with bearddark copper undercut with beardSupply

38. White Spikes

We’ve already talked about the spikes we used to wear within the 2000s a few occasions in this article. And right here’s why. The development is coming again. That’s right. We will all take a moment and rejoice because it’s true. Soon enough we’ll all be capable of wear frosted ideas as soon as extra.

white spikes undercut with beardwhite spikes undercut with beardSupply

39. Long Undercut Hairstyle

Lengthy or medium hair is a blessing as nicely because it may be styled in a plethora of the way. Our favorite, nevertheless, is this wild and kooky fashion that was obtained with using a blow dryer, some hair wax, and plenty of hairspray.

wild undercut with beardwild undercut with beardSupply

40. Bowl Undercut with Beard

You understand what they are saying. Nothing gets lost, every part truly gets reworked. It’s the identical thing with style, fashion, and wonder. In the event you look intently you will notice that this little nugget is definitely the bowl haircut which has now been become something inventive and brave.

bowl undercut with beardbowl undercut with beardSource

41. The Oxford Undercut with Beard

Constructing on the identical concept from above, here’s the hundred-year-old Oxford. It too has been bettered with the help of an undercut, a very extreme aspect part, a bushy and somewhat curly beard, and, in fact, a handlebar mustache. How do they still have time to get to class?

oxford undercut with beardoxford undercut with beardSource

42. The Simple Manbraid

As far as man braids are involved, we’ve already seen the French model, which matches on prime of your head and ends in a prime knot. This is the a lot easier three strand braid that may grasp long and low on your head, embellishing the undercut.

man braid undercut with beardman braid undercut with beardSource

43. The Unicorn Beard

Here’s a fun development. In case you haven’t heard of it, meet the unicorn beard. It asks men to dye their beard within the unconventional shade of their choosing. They will also dye their hair, if they want, but that’s not obligatory. Only the beard is.

unicorn beard undercut with beardunicorn beard undercut with beardSource

44. The Connor McGregor

MMA fighter Connor McGregor rose to fame slowly however certainly. And along with him went his now super well-known coiffure. It’s an beneath shave with a really slick high prime in his pure darkish chestnut brown.

Conor McGregor Haircut undercut with beardConor McGregor Haircut undercut with beardSupply

45. Duo Chrome Undercut with Beard

In case you don’t need to dye your hair in its entirety, you possibly can all the time attempt just a streak. For instance, that is jet black hair with a streak of vanilla white. We propose you permit the professionals to do it for you, so that you simply don’t find yourself wanting like Pepe LePew. Ah, l’amour…

black and white undercut with beardblack and white undercut with beardSource

46. The Moist Look

The newest development to return out of Instagram is the moist look. It really works greatest on medium to lengthy hair and it requires copious quantities of hair gel or oil to make your mane look as for those who’ve simply come out of the shower.

wet medium undercut with beardwet medium undercut with beardSource

47. Disconnected Undercut with Beard

As the identify suggests, a disconnected haircut is one the place, because of the undercut, your hairline and beard won’t contact anymore. And look what an superior place for a tattoo that’s!

disconnected undercut with bearddisconnected undercut with beardSource

48. Dramatic Undercut with Beard

If the previous few years have taught us anything about pompadours is that the extra theatrical they are, the better. So, get your combs and hairspray prepared because that is the pompadour to end them all.

dramatic undercut with bearddramatic undercut with beardSource

49. The G-Eazy

Type sensible, rapper G-Eazy is legendary for having introduced again the greaser hairstyles of the 50s and combining them with the very trendy undercut. And when he added a beard to all that, the entire world just went crazy.

g-eazy undercut with beardg-eazy undercut with beardSource

50. Dapper Undercut with Beard

In case your type leaves individuals questioning whether or not they need to serve you tea or whiskey, you’re doing it proper. It means you have got efficiently blended vintage magnificence with a contemporary twist and a gentleman with a rugged man.

dapper undercut with bearddapper undercut with beardSource


The undercut with beard as a most popular coiffure has been floating across the net for a while now on Instagram and Pinterest. The development consists of undercuts with man braids, prime knots, man buns, gray hair, unconventional colours, retro spikes, wavy hair, curly undercut coiffure, and more. Tell us in the remark section under which one you’re planning on getting.

August 2019: We up to date the types on this article.