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60 Military Haircut Ideas for that Disciplined Look

simple classic military haircut

Prior to now couple of years, the army haircut has turn out to be increasingly more common. Until lately, it was reserved for the army males themselves. Nonetheless, seeing because the web helps spread trend developments like wildfire, the army haircut has seeped into the overall consciousness as a factor of favor and coolness.

Subsequently, the army haircut has now breached the borders of straightforward and helpful hairstyles for males. Consequently, it has grow to be a press release minimize, talking of masculinity, ruggedness, and glamour. With that idea in thoughts, listed here are 60 army haircut ideas that will help you leap on the development.


#1. The Burr Army Haircut

Sometimes, the burr army haircut is obtained by clipping the complete head of hair utilizing a guard variety of two and even one, if you want to go for really brief hair. As a consequence, your mane will measure an eight of an inch.

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#2. Brief on the Sides, Brushy on Prime

Right here is a tremendous concept for a army minimize, for those gentlemen who still need to hold some of their hair lengths. Shave off the edges of your head in addition to the back and depart some longer strands on prime. Fashion them using mousse or gel.

military haircut for blonde hairmilitary haircut for blonde hairSupply

#three. The Regulation Army Minimize

History teaches us that this army haircut was reserved for greater ranking officials within the army. It permits you to hold as much as two inches of hair on prime. In addition, you possibly can shave off the edges. Still, don’t overlook concerning the parting on the aspect.

classic military haircutclassic military haircutSupply

Attempt more aspect elements over right here!

#four. A Variation of the Brush

Right here you’ve an ideal example of the brush army minimize which has been introduced into the 2000s. Go for spikes on prime of your head with a lot of hair product for this fierce army look.

spiky military cutspiky military cutSupply

#5. The Recon Army Haircut

Assume mohawk reduce right down to the acute. That is what a recon army haircut is all about. The whole of the top is shaved off in a masculine fashion, while there’s nonetheless a tuft of hair left on prime. Graze it down and use a brush for a manly effect.

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#6. The Flat Prime Army Reduce

The flat prime army haircut was all the fad within the 80s and 90s. Subsequently, one may assume it’s highly obsolete now. Nevertheless, it doesn’t need to be that means, particularly for those who pair it with a well-groomed beard and a few good studs.

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#7. The High and Tight Army Reduce

Precisely as the identify suggests, that is the reduce which can depart your sides and back open for consolation however that may have you ever care for an extended mane on prime. Some gel is required here as nicely.

high and tight military haircuthigh and tight military haircutSource

#8. The Bohemian Army Reduce

A bohemian army reduce isn’t an oxymoron and here is the right example to prove that. It provides you with one of the best of both world, by making you look butch and classy at the similar time.

blonde military haircutblonde military haircutSupply

#9. The Comb Back

Here is a haircut for the glamorous males on the market. And not only that, but this haircut will make you look trendy, poised, and polished. Women, be careful!

classic military haircut for men with blonde hairclassic military haircut for men with blonde hairSource

#10. The Army Haircut with Bangs

Whereas they may not help you sport this one should you have been in the precise forces, you possibly can nonetheless wear it all over the place else. For a contact of depth and dimension, dye your bangs a softer shade than the remainder of your shaved off mane.

military haircut with bangsmilitary haircut with bangsSource

#11. The Brush

Right here is an ideal example of the comb army haircut, however with a contemporary twist. You may keep in mind it as being sported by Iceman within the well-known Prime Gun film. Nevertheless, the mannequin in the picture can show you tips on how to do it right in 2016.

military brush cutmilitary brush cutSupply

#12. Brief and Basic

It’s no dangerous thing to rejoice simplicity and tradition. Moreover, when these two notions add up and equal masculinity and magnificence, you realize you’ve scored some main points.

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#13. The Good Parting

Here is a army haircut that is all concerning the class. The gentleman in the picture has a wonderfully parted coiffure complete with brush rows and plenty of hair care product for a shiny end.

parted military haircutparted military haircutSupply

#14. The Swept Back Army Haircut

In laymen’s terms, this one can also be referred to as the Beehive. Moreover, you may recognize it as animation superstar Johnny Bravo’s signature look. If he was your childhood hero, then that is the army haircut type for you.

swept-back military haircutswept-back military haircutSupply

#15. The Minimize to End All Cuts

Here is actor Jake Gyllenhaal sporting a army haircut. Notice how it compliments his eyes and accentuates his pretty facial options that he’s so well-known for.

high and tight military haircuthigh and tight military haircutSource

#16. Army Haircut on Blonde Hair

This dashing instance of a army haircut could be tried out on any hair shade. Still, this pure strawberry blonde merely makes each single strand stand out.

dashing military haircut for men with blonde hairdashing military haircut for men with blonde hairSupply

#17. The Army Haircut with a Brief Pompadour

Take a cue from this cheeky mannequin and rating your self this army haircut. Add a contact of 50s to your life!

military haircut with short Pompadourmilitary haircut with short PompadourSource

#18. The Business Army Haircut

Army haircuts have develop into so well-liked up to now years that they seeped even within the enterprise world. Attempt it your self, for a clear, minimize look.

classic military haircutclassic military haircutSupply

#19. The ‘I’m Coming House’ Army Haircut

Brief on the edges and long on prime with sharply reduce bangs, this hairdo is all about coming house after an extended absence.

soldier like military haircutsoldier like military haircutSource

#20. In line

This symmetrical army haircut could have all the other guys envy you. Ask your hairstylist to workforce up together with your barber for this one-of-a-kind clear reduce.

military haircut for dark hairmilitary haircut for dark hairSupply

#21. The Crew Reduce

Brief, classical, and low-maintenance, this minimize has all of it. You’ll be able to simply pair it up with anything, fashion-wise, from buttoned-up shirts to informal hoodies.

classical military haircut classical military haircut Supply

#22. Brush Required

Out of all of the army haircut types there are, the brush has probably the most followers. Subsequently, because it have been to be expected, there are plenty of variants to it. Here is a longer model, for the bolder males.

classy military cutclassy military cutSupply

#23. Brief and Boyish

Here is a tremendous method to give yourself a brisker and youthful look – the straightforward army haircut.

short military haircutshort military haircutSource

#24. The US Marine Army Haircut

Our lengthy record of celebrities sporting the army haircut continues with Adam Levine. As you’ll be able to see, he has chosen a US Marine classical reduce for his on a regular basis appearance.

regular US Marine haircutregular US Marine haircutSource

#25. The Pores and skin Fade Army Haircut

Subsequent in line is Tom Hardy. This women’ man has opted for a skin fade. Evidently, it goes completely properly together with his 5 o’clock shadow beard and manly tattoos.

military haircut with skin fademilitary haircut with skin fadeSupply

#26. Maintaining it Easy

You may as well hold it simple and shave off only your sides, while leaving an inch or so of hair on the top of your head.

classic military haircutclassic military haircutSource

#27. The High Fade Spiky Army Minimize

This version’s identify says all of it. It’s high on prime, it has the spikes which you will get using some product, and it’s pale on the edges and in the again.

high fade spiky military cuthigh fade spiky military cutSupply

#28. The Classical Flat Prime

Simply in case you didn’t know what we referred to once we stated flat prime above, here it’s.

military cut on middle aged manmilitary cut on middle aged manSource

#29. The Bald Fade Army Haircut

This one is ideal for those long summer time months when the heat simply turns into unbearable. Use the identical measurement blade throughout your head for a good effect.

bald fade military haircutbald fade military haircutSupply

#30. The Brief Army Haircut with a Lineup

In the event you’re going for utilitarian, then that is the version for you. Don’t be afraid to use as a lot hair product as this minimize asks for.

short military haircut with line upshort military haircut with line upSource

#31. The Army Haircut for Skinny Hair

In case you wrestle with skinny hair and don’t really know what sort of haircut to go for, why not attempt a army one? It’s going to clear up all your issues and offer you a way of rugged masculinity in the course of.

short military for thick and thin hairshort military for thick and thin hairSupply

#32. Urban and Cool

This one is for really manly men, who are safe of their overpowering character. Just attempt it out and you’ll be amazed at what it’s going to do on your seems to be.

high and tight military haircuthigh and tight military haircutSource

#33. The Choppy Minimize

Not all army haircuts should be completely aligned and combed. You can even go for a sauvage and choppy one, in case you’re keen on the rogue, leather jacket and boots look.

young man military cutyoung man military cutSupply

#34. The Really High Flat Prime

Persevering with the collection of variations on the classics, here is the very high flat prime. The aesthetic execs to this in style conventional fashion are that it’ll add an inch or two to your peak.

flat top military haircutflat top military haircutSupply

#35. The Induction Army Haircut

If there ever was a famous army minimize, then this was it. The induction acquired its identify as a result of that is the coiffure new recruits received once they first arrived within the military.

induction military cutinduction military cutSupply

#36. Daring and Brass

Here is one haircut which you’re sure to love. It is principally a bowl reduce solely with shaven off sides and all your hair pulled back on prime. Furthermore, should you pair it with a lush trendy hipster moustache, you’re sure to attract all the women.

swept-back military cutswept-back military cutSource

#37. The Bowl Minimize

Since we’ve just spoken about bowl cuts, why not give an example of those as properly? Combining a bowl reduce with a army one is one vibrant concept. Nevertheless, ensure you don’t depart the bowl design throughout your head. Shave off a couple of inches for a modern edge.

high and tight military cuthigh and tight military cutSource

The bowl minimize is a cool fashion, should you can pull it off!

#38. 50s with a Twist

This variation on the comb over might have been traditional and a tad outdated. Still, adding a wonderfully tailor-made aspect part can rescue you from all that. A go well with and tie will complement this look completely.

side parte and combed top military cutside parte and combed top military cutSupply

#39. The Exhausting Half

Let’s continue with the partings, as they are so necessary for males’s haircuts. As a consequence, right here is an ideal instance of what they name a aspect arduous parting. You’ll need knowledgeable comb and plenty of hair product.

hard part military cuthard part military cutSource

#40. The Regulation Medium Army Haircut

Regardless that this one is straight from the Army handbook, you possibly can still wear it on the road. It will provide you with a manly look, so long as you type it nicely enough. Attempt sporting applicable t-shirts and hoodies.

regulation medium military haircutregulation medium military haircutSource

#41. The Flat Prime with Spikes

Such was the success of Prime Gun, that the flat prime turned a household identify. As a consequence, right here is one other variation. The flat prime with spikes on the front. You still get a number of inches added to your stature whereas sporting a fierce shaved off look on the edges.

flat top military haircutflat top military haircutSource

#42. The Flat Prime with a Middle Parting

Yes, that is attainable, as you possibly can nicely see from the instance we offered. The only factor is that the parting we referred to isn’t one you can do your self with a comb. As an alternative, you’ll have to ask you hair stylist to do it for you, utilizing his machine.

short flat top military haircutshort flat top military haircutSource

#43. Easy and Cool

This is one very conservative hair minimize that has been in use for ages. As well as, if you want to sport it yourself, you may be comfortable to seek out out just how simple it is to obtain. Have your barber shave off the edges and back of your head, leaving a small tuft of hair on the crown. Furthermore, you’ll be able to wear it simple and pure or add some spikes to spice issues up.

military haircut for short hairmilitary haircut for short hairSource

#44. Brief and Bearded

The wonderful thing about a short and easy army haircut is that it lets you don a lavish beard. Actually, not having an excessive amount of hair in your head means you’ll be able to wear all of it on your face. Go for long, Viking beards, as they are all the fad proper now.

short military haircutshort military haircutSource

#45. The Lumberjack Type Army Haircut

This is a completely awesome combination of recent and classical types that may have all the ladies throw their telephone numbers at you. It consists of a standard army haircut, with a clear aspect parting and a comb over on the longer aspect. See how the hair has been whipped up into perfection using top quality product. The mannequin in the picture additionally has a lumberjack beard, good for a tough and rugged look.

lumberjack style military haircutlumberjack style military haircutSupply

#46. The Army Haircut for Thick Hair

In case you’ve got thick hair, the army haircut can come to your rescue once extra. As a consequence, this instance exhibits you 4 methods in which you’ll be able to fashion it. The straightforward means, through which you gloss over all of your hair and swipe it to the back. The second is an easy aspect parting utilizing a comb. Aside from that, you even have the third and fourth examples, which have just a contact of demure Elvis to them.

military haircut for thin hairmilitary haircut for thin hairSupply

#47. The Slick Army Haircut

If hair care products are what you’re keen on most, then this is the type and reduce for you. As you possibly can nicely see, it’ll have you ever use copious quantities of the stuff, in order to get the right up do. Keep in mind to ask your barber to cleanly shave your sides and again. Otherwise, you’ll overdo it. Maintenance is required right here.

slick military haircutslick military haircutSource

#48. 90s Boy Band

Combining a boy band angle and elegance with a army haircut may give you a recent and clean look. Aside from that, it should additionally shave off some years, making you look so much younger. Hold the spikes to a minimum with some hair wax, so that they appear as natural as attainable.

flat top military cut for men with blonde hairflat top military cut for men with blonde hairSupply

#49. The Superstar Buzz Minimize

Our listing of celebrities sporting army haircuts is just not over but. Right here is Brad Pitt with a buzz reduce in considered one of his films. The superb thing here is that the hairstyle emphasizes his cheekbones and powerful and sq. jawline in fabulous method.

brad pitt buzz military haircutbrad pitt buzz military haircutSupply

#50. The Military Crew Reduce

The military crew minimize is superbly defined to us here by none aside from Bradley Cooper. The messy coiffure makes him look naturally handsome, and like he simply rolled away from bed. Aside from that, the spikes on prime elongate his face and create some much-needed stability in his features. Provided that he has a sharp chin, the identical form of hair creates an equilibrium.

army crew military haircutarmy crew military haircutSupply

#51. The Ivy League Haircut

This type carries its identify as a result of it has been historically worn by boys attending Ivy League schools. Aside from that, it allows the face to breathe and the onlooker’s eye to relaxation upon your facial options fairly than your hair. Straight reduce bangs pair up nicely with a sq. and straight jawline.

Ivy League military haircutIvy League military haircutSupply

#52. Drop and Give Me 20

Nothing says army fashion like this peak and tight army minimize. Virtually the whole roundness of the top is shaved off, leaving a small patch of hair on prime. You possibly can think about adding some spikes to that, identical to the model within the picture has carried out.

military haircut high and tight military haircut high and tight Supply

#53. Brief Is for Comfort

It’s protected to say that the army haircut is superb not only for styling purposes, however for comfort as properly. It is extremely straightforward to take care of, wash and elegance. If this is what you’re in search of, then you definitely may as properly go for it proper now!

front top view of young view of young man with military haircutfront top view of young view of young man with military haircutSupply

#54. The Army Haircut with Undercut

This specific version of the army haircut is now well-known because of TV star Simon Cowell. The best way to get it is by slicing the edges and again very brief, often with a number three as far as guard lengths go. Aside from that, you could depart some hair on the highest of your head. Understand that this patch must be two inches long most.

military haircut with undercutmilitary haircut with undercutSource

#55. The V-Shaped Army Haircut

We’re again to variations of the basic once more. As a consequence, here is a variant of the peak and tight, where the entrance has been sculpted right into a V. In case your facial options permit for it, then this reduce will assist elongate your face. In addition, it’d even seem like you dropped some kilos in the course of.

clear military haircutclear military haircutSupply

#56. The Medium Size Army Haircut

Here is Captain America himself, portrayed by actor Chris Evans. America’s first super soldier and a handsome actor all rolled into one sport a medium length army reduce. As a consequence, it becomes an ideal instance how a simple and trendy haircut can make you stand out from the gang anytime.

medium-lenght military haircutmedium-lenght military haircutSource

#57. The Fairly Boy Army Minimize

Don’t draw back from a aspect parting and a few well-placed bangs. Despite the fact that your objective right here is ruggedness and manliness, that doesn’t imply you can’t add a touch of pretty boy in there as properly. In any case, it’s all concerning the aesthetics of the reduce, is it not?

military haircuts with spikesmilitary haircuts with spikesSource

#58. The On a regular basis

Here is your probability to seem like a teenage Hollywood heartthrob. If not, you’ll be able to all the time go for the recent man subsequent door. Both method, each these appears and types ask for an easy and brief army reduce which can deliver you some well-deserved superstar down the block.

short military haircutshort military haircutSupply

#59. The Natural Wanting Reduce

Despite the fact that it does require one or two journeys to your stylist, this take on the basic army haircut will seem like all you do within the morning is take a shower after which take off. Evidently, you possibly can all the time add some hair product to your luscious locks. Nevertheless, be sure that it’s wax or mousse as an alternative of gel, so that you may maintain on to the pure look.

natural military haircutnatural military haircutSupply

#60. The Dandy Hipster

Here you will have three ideas which might be sure to comb any woman off her ft. Being a dandy with the superbly tailored and upturned moustache, a hipster with the lumberjack beard, and a ruggedly handsome man with a army haircut. Add a tough denim jacket and the type is full!

hipster military haircuthipster military haircutSource


So which considered one of these types most accurately fits you? Attempt one and let us know on our Pinterest page – perhaps we’ll add you there or even to the article!

July 2019: We updated the types in this article.