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Chiara Ferragni’s 27 Tattoos & Their Meanings – Body Art Guru

Chiara Ferragni’s 27 Tattoos & Their Meanings – Body Art Guru

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian trend blogger, influencer, designer and entrepreneur. Since 2009, she has grown into probably the most trendy influencer everywhere in the world together with her style blog, The Blonde Salad. Being a fashionista, Chiara has collaborated with numerous international manufacturers and have been the duvet woman of many huge magazines. She even started her personal shoe-line in 2014. Not solely Chiara’s style type but in addition her physique inks have gained a whole lot of reputation. Many kids comply with her for her trend and totally different tattoos which she has inked on her physique. Let’s read additional to know extra about her tattoos and their meanings.

1. ‘#lovely’ Tattoo

Tattoo: #lovely Tattoo on her right hand.

Which means: Chiara being a trend diva, has inked the word #lovely on the aspect of her proper hand. She obtained it inked from Dr. Woo at Shamrock Social Club in October 2014. She made a press release on her social media profile saying,

“Haven’t correctly stated because of you guys for this new aim: 3Million Instagram followers. My new tattoo, #lovely, goes to all the sweetness that surrounds us and makes us smile inside. Thanks for being the part of this lovely dream. #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops”

2. ‘BABY GIRL’ Tattoo

Tattoo: BABY GIRL Tattoo on her proper hand.

Which means: In January 2016, Chiara received BABY GIRL tattoo inked on her proper hand, between her thumb and index finger. Once more she obtained this inked by Dr. Woo and thanked him by importing a picture on her Instagram profile with a caption,

“I’ll all the time be your baby woman. By my good friend @_dr_woo_ #Americandays”

She additional stated,

“There are a whole lot of issues related to the term baby woman and it’s a cool spot.”

three. ‘Lion and Lioness’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Lion and Lioness Tattoo on the best forearm.

Which means: Chiara Ferragni has inked a portrait of a lion and lioness in an oval-shaped on her proper forearm. She stated,

“At the end of August 2016, after a number of months of being single and ‘courting’ guys who were not proper for me, I tattooed two lions on the back of my proper arm; a male lion and a feminine lion, which is meant true to me. The subsequent day, Fede wrote to me to go to dinner and every week later we had our first date. I found my true love and [my son]. Leo is the celebration of this love.”

An intimate tattoo of a lion and lioness has brought a stroke of excellent luck for Chiara, as quickly after getting this tattoo, she discovered the love of her life, her husband, Fede.

4. ‘Dog’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Canine Tattoo on the index finger of the left hand.

Which means: In November 2016, Dr. Woo inked a portrait of Chiara Ferragni’s beloved French bulldog, Matilda. Chiara could be very much hooked up to her pet and to precise her love she keeps on importing footage of Matilda on social media. Chiara obtained Matilda in 2010 when she was just two months previous puppy. Dr. Woo has successfully managed to ink a tiny lovely portrait of Matilda on the index finger of the left hand of Chiara Ferragni.

5. ‘Coronary heart with a Message’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Coronary heart with a Message Tattoo on right arm.

Which means: The typographic artist Pieter Ceizer managed to ink a heart tattoo with a message tattoo on the backside of her right arm. The message states ‘You’re hotter than the flames in hell’. This messages perfectly fits the character of Chiara Ferragni.

6. ‘Ravioli’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Ravioli Tattoo on the left hand.

Which means: In March 2017, Chiara and her husband Fedez has acquired this matching tattoo of ravioli inked by the artist Jon Boy. Ravioli is a nickname of Chiara, given by her beloved husband Fedez. The tattoo is a pasta dumpling with a smiley expression over it which has been inked on her left hand. Chiara and her husband Fedez have a baby boy and the call him ‘Raviolino’ which means little ravioli.

7. ‘Mickey Mouse’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Mickey Mouse Tattoo on left wrist.

Which means: Chiara Ferragni has inked a tattoo of mickey mouse taking a selfie on her left wrist. She stated,

“I liked the thought so much, I still can’t keep in mind how I acquired that. I used to be in L.A. and I immediately needed to name my tattoo artist to get an appointment.”

She uploaded a picture of her tattoo on her social media profile with a caption,

“New tattoo: classic Mickey Mouse taking a selfie. So me.”

8. ‘Triangle’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Triangle Tattoo on her left wrist.

Which means: Chiara Ferragni has inked a tiny triangle tattoo inked on her left wrist in Might 2012, to specify her bond together with her two sisters. She stated,

“Yesterday morning I decided to get my 5th small tattoo, this time together with my two sisters Francesca and Valentina. All of us received a small triangle, divided into three different triangles inside, symbolizing our blood ties.”

This exhibits as to how a lot she is being hooked up to her sisters, Francesca and Valentina.

9. ‘Eye’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Eye Tattoo on the ring finger of the left hand.

Which means: Chiara Ferragni has inked a blue colour eye tattoo on the ring finger of her left hand. This tattoo is being associated to her style brand Chiara Ferragni Collection, as the blue coloured eye is a logon for her style brand. She as soon as made a press release and stated,

“I created @chiaraferragnicollection in 2013 and it’s rising like loopy. I designed this blue eye for the primary assortment as a result of eyes are the features that I really like probably the most in an individual and it turned iconic, It’s the brand of the brand now.”

Some individuals assumed that Chiara has inked an evil eye tattoo on her finger, however afterward, she cleared the rumors and stated,

“I actually favored the aesthetic, Probably the most iconic piece of my shoe line, Chiara Ferragni Collection, is the blinking eyes. There is a secret which means about it I gained’t tell. I’m Italian, so I’m pretty superstitious.”

10. ‘Arrow’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Arrow Tattoo on the bottom of the correct ankle.

Which means: Chiara has acquired an arrow tattoo inked on the backside of her proper ankle. She stated,

“An arrow can solely be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you again with difficulties it means it’s going launch you into something nice. So simply focus, and hold aiming.”

This exhibits that she has inked this tattoo to specify her struggling period as to how her onerous work and focus helped her to realize a lot even after dealing with quite a few hurdles and failures in life.

11. ‘The Little Prince’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The Little Prince Tattoo on her left bicep.

Which means: In March 2018, Dr. Woo managed to ink the youngsters’s guide character The Little Prince on her left bicep. Chiara was so excited to share her new tattoo together with her fans, so she uploaded an image on Instagram, with a caption,

“It’s not each day the homie @_dr_woo_ involves Paris and provides you a tattoo in your lodge room. Felt like a rockstar. #TheBlondeSaladGoesToParis.”

After getting this tattoo inked, she again uploaded a picture with a caption,

“The little prince tattooed on my left arm.”

12. ‘Ode Alla Vita’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Ode Alla Vita Tattoo on the appropriate forearm.

Which means: In 2011, Chiara acquired her third tattoo ‘Ode Alla Vita’ tattoo inked on her proper forearm, which means ‘Ode to Life’. It’s a title of a poem by a Brazilian writer Martha Medeiros. She stated,

“My third tattoo: the sentence “Ode Alla Vitta” on the suitable arm, to all the time remind me how essential it’s to stay at our best each day and to rejoice a pal who used to share with me the eagerness for this poem.”

13. ‘Purple Lips’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Pink Lips Tattoo on the ring finger of the proper hand.

Which means: In November 2014, Chiara Ferragni inked purple lips tattoo on the knuckle of her ring finger of her proper hand. Each her eye tattoo and purple lips tattoo are the logos of her style brand, Chiara Ferragni Collection.

14. ‘Muse’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Muse Tattoo on the best forearm.

Which means: In 2013, Chiara Ferragni obtained the phrase ‘Muse’ inked on her right forearm. Principally, a muse is someone who motivates and evokes others particularly an artist. So being a style blogger and elegance diva, Chiara has all the time been a source of inspiration for a lot of trend designers everywhere in the world.

15. ‘CRAZY FOR YOU’ Tattoo

Tattoo: CRAZY FOR YOU Heart Tattoo close to her left ear.

Which means: In 2017, Chiara received loopy for you coronary heart tattoo inked near her left ear. She has inked this tattoo to precise her love for her beloved husband Fedez. The couple has been blessed with a child boy Leo after their marriage.

16. ‘KissKillKiss’ Tattoo

Tattoo: KissKillKiss Tattoo on left wrist.

Which means: Chiara in Might 2014, inked ‘KissKillKiss’ tattoo on the bottom of her left wrist to describe the roller coaster experience of a relationship. This tattoo has been inked by her favourite tattoo artist, Dr. Woo.

17. ‘Bow’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Bow Tattoo on the back of her neck.

Which means: In October 2008, Chiara obtained this bow tattoo inked on the back of her neck. With the altering tastes and introduction of latest patterns and designs within the tattoos, this tattoo of Chiara has develop into outdated and that’s why she isn’t so keen on it now. In 2016, she stated,

“That is my only tattoo out of my 20 that I don’t like anymore.”

18. ‘LUCE’ Tattoo

Tattoo: LUCE Tattoo on proper aspect of her ribs.

Which means: In 2010, Chiara Ferragni obtained this matching tattoo inked together with her ex-boyfriend. She stated,

“I used to be with my ex-boyfriend and I made a decision to get a tattoo on my ribs. It says LUCE (meaning mild in Italian). This is how he used to call me once we have been collectively. He’s my greatest good friend now. He also had a tattoo on the same spot.”

Not only this, she even wrote a press release on her web site, The Blonde Salad, that, “My second tattoo, from October 2010: the word ‘LUCE'(mild) on my ribs, with a thousand meanings and devoted to a person particularly.

19. ‘Cross with a Heart’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Cross with a Coronary heart Tattoo on the left arm.

Which means: In Might 2012, Chiara along with the opposite women of her family, sisters Francesca and Valentina and mother Marina Di Guardo, inked the same tattoo of a cross with a heart on their respective arms. She uploaded an image and caption it as

“Four Tattoos for the women of my life.”

20. ‘Lioness together with her Cub’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Lioness together with her Cub Tattoo on her proper arm.

Which means: Chiara received a very lovely tattoo of a lioness together with her cub when she was blessed with a child boy, Leo. Initially, she has inked a tattoo of a lion together with her lioness on the back of her right arm, for her beloved husband Fedez. Chiara and Fedez welcomed their baby Leo on March 19, 2018. So the sooner lion and lioness tattoo represents Chiara and her husband Fedez whereas the tattoo of a lioness with a cub represents Chiara and Leo. This exhibits as to how a lot she is hooked up to her household. After getting this tattoo, her tattoo artist Dr. Woo uploaded an image in media with a caption,

“Motherly love for the new momma @chiaraferragni.”

21. ‘VIAJANTE’ Tattoo

Tattoo: VIAJANTE Tattoo on the left elbow.

Which means: Chiara acquired the phrase VIAJANTE inked close to her left elbow which suggests ‘traveler’ in English. She acquired it inked by the artist Jorge Machado in July 2013, throughout her keep in Brazil. A pal of her additionally received the identical word tattooed inked on her ribs.

22. ‘Map’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Map Tattoo on her proper wrist.

Which means: Chiara has inked world map tattoo on her right wrist to precise her love for travel. Not only this, she has expressed her love for travel by getting the Spanish phrase ‘viajante’ inked on her left elbow, which suggests traveler in English. She stated,

“completely represents my life in the meanwhile: all the time traveling, and nonetheless have so much to see and explore.”

She acquired this tattoo inked by her favorite artist Dr. Woo in 2013. She uploaded a picture with a caption,

“No limits. #ink #theblondesaladtravelstheworld #newtattoo #becausethenight.”


Tattoo: LIFE IS MADE OF SMALL MOMENTS LIKE THIS Tattoo on her proper hand.

Which means: On the index finger of her right hand, Chiara has inked ‘life is manufactured from small moments like this’ tattoo. She acquired it inked in February 2017 from Dr. Woo.

24. ‘Lightning Bolt’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Lightning Bolt Tattoo on the left hand.

Which means: Lightning bolt tattoos have some religious which means behind them. It is principally related to powers and God. Chiara Ferragni has inked three lightning bolt tattoos inked on the aspect of her left hand, which she has inked by Dr. Woo in 2016.

25. ‘Coordinates’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Coordinates Tattoo on the left aspect of her ribcage.

Which means: Chiara Ferragni has inked the geographical coordinates on the left aspect of her ribcage. It consists of complete of seven strains with three strains of latitude and 4 of longitude. Again she acquired it inked by Dr. Woo.

26. ‘Foo Fighters Lyrics’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Foo Fighters Lyrics Tattoo on the left arm.

Which means: Chiara Ferragni has inked the lyrics of the track ‘Best of You’ by Foo Fighters on her left arm in 2013. The lyrics say ‘I swear I’ll never give in/ I refuse.’ On her website, she wrote,

“It’s a sentence with such an enormous which means to me, from one among my favourite songs, written so thin that it seems to be like it is just written by a pen. I’ve been wanting this tattoo for months and in Los Angeles, I finally made my determination and made it.”

She received it accomplished in 2012. She further gave an interview and stated,

“My favourite [tattoo] I obtained achieved on my final night time in L.A. after Coachella by Dr. Woo, who’s tremendous good, and it’s in my handwriting; I simply wrote it on paper.”

27. ‘An Unidentified’ Tattoo


Tattoo: An Unidentified Tattoo on her right hand.

Which means: Chiara Ferragni has acquired an unidentified tattoo inked on her proper hand. It seems to the portrait of her baby son, Leo, who was born in 2018. We all know that Chiara has been very hooked up to her husband Fedez and son Leo that she has inked lion, lioness and a cub tattoo inked on her body. No official assertion has been given by Chiara relating to this tattoo.