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  • The Details:

    The DOJ Inspector Common’s report on James Comey indicated that Comey violated FBI guidelines and policies many occasions, and these actions have been critical sufficient for the IG to make a legal referral. But Comey still denies any wrongdoing.

  • Mirror On:

    Can the good schism between factors of view brought forth by opposing sides within the current battle over the validity of the Russia Investigation serve as an awakening to what is actually happening at a deeper degree?

The notion that we aren’t fairly dwelling within the ‘actual’ world has gained momentum because the phrase ‘Pretend Information’ entered the general public lexicon. The schism between ‘normal’ mainstream-media-fueled notion and the bare fact concerning the occasions which are truly happening is getting so severe that awakening from the illusion will quickly be the one solution to keep away from the extreme suffering introduced on by cognitive dissonance between our acquainted perception and the details.

Take the continued investigation into James Comey, for example. We now have the Inspector Common’s report that got here out and revealed the next:

The office stated he “violated relevant policies and his FBI Employment Agreement by providing one of the unclassified memos that contained official FBI info, including sensitive investigative info, to his good friend with directions for the pal to share the contents of the memo with a reporter.”

Further, the IG decided that Comey stored copies of 4 memos (out of the entire seven he drafted) in a personal protected at residence after his removing as director — and in doing so also “violated FBI policies and his FBI Employment Agreement by failing to inform the FBI that he had retained them, or to hunt authorization to retain them.” And the IG stated Comey once more violated the principles “by offering copies … of the four memos he had stored in his house to his three personal attorneys without FBI authorization.” (supply)

Comey Speaks Out

One would anticipate, if not complete silence from James Comey, then no less than some contrition or a fumbling apology making an attempt to elucidate away his indiscretions. As an alternative, we get to witness his unapologetic Twitter response coming from that various universe of the slowly eroding mainstream notion:

DOJ IG “found no evidence that Comey or his attorneys released any of the categorized info contained in any of the memos to members of the media.” I don’t want a public apology from those that defamed me, however a quick message with a “sorry we lied about you” can be good.

— James Comey (@Comey) August 29, 2019

And to all those that’ve spent two years talking about me “going to jail” or being a “liar and a leaker”—ask yourselves why you still trust people who gave you dangerous information for therefore lengthy, together with the president.

— James Comey (@Comey) August 29, 2019

On the face of it, the offenses detailed in the Inspector Basic’s report might not ‘really feel’ as though they have been extremely egregious. He was a bit of clumsy with delicate info. So what, the informal onlooker may opine. It is true that Comey was cautious to not launch ‘categorized’ info meant for the press, as the line he cherry-picked from the IG report states. And the decision on the part of Lawyer Common Invoice Barr to not prosecute Comey for these crimes, towards the Inspector Common’s suggestion, seems to add credence to the concept these actions are excusable.

But the story will certainly not finish here.

Assembly With Trump

When one puts together the items to try to decide the intent and motivation behind these actions, it’s troublesome to not come to the conclusion that Comey was extremely involved in an operation designed to entrap a duly elected president on fabricated fees and stop him from taking or staying in office. An essential piece of this puzzle begins with a gathering in January 2017 between then president-elect Donald Trump and FBI Director James Comey, Director of Nationwide Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, and Director of the National Security Company Mike Rodgers. It continues, extra importantly, with Comey staying behind when the others left to talk with Trump one-on-one.

In an interview with Lou Dobbs in the video under, the Washington Examiner’s Byron York discusses this meeting with all the intelligence heavyweights, and elaborates on what was stated to have transpired afterwards, as illuminated within the IG report:

This assembly befell on January 6th, 2017, you keep in mind there’d been all this controversy about Russia and the intelligence group had created a report on Russian efforts to intrude with the 2016 election. So on the 6th of January they go as much as Trump Tower, to, as a gaggle, current the report to president-elect Trump, and by previous agreement after they do this, all of them depart the room apart from Comey, and Comey and Trump meet one on one, and Comey tells the president-elect there’s this allegation in that in 2013 you have been in a Moscow lodge room with prostitutes, and Russian intelligence taped it all, recorded all of it, and, you realize, the president is surprised by this.

Prior to now, Comey has stated that the one purpose he did this was that they needed to inform the president-elect that this was out there, and that it’d get reported within the press and there’s this crazy story about you that’s on the market. What we see on this new report is that they meticulously deliberate this moment through which they might hit Trump with this info. Comey had met together with his prime officers and what they referred to as the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ group beforehand; that they had made a plan the place Comey would immediately write down the whole lot he might keep in mind from this; he went right down to an FBI car and there was a secure laptop computer waiting for him and he says that he started writing as the car started shifting; went over to the FBI headquarters in New York and there was a safe video teleconference set up for him to then speak with ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ supervisors plus prime FBI officers about what Trump had answered to these file allegations.

Crossfire Hurricane

It’s necessary to know what precisely the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ operation really was with a purpose to piece this all together. Though I am hesitant to make use of definitions from Wikileaks when it comes to their political bias noted in one in every of my previous articles, the one under will suffice to offer us a broad context.

Crossfire Hurricane was the code identify for a covert counterintelligence investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) into hyperlinks between Trump associates and Russian officers and suspected coordination between the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian authorities’s interference within the 2016 United States elections.

The investigation was formally opened on July 31, 2016, initially because of info on Trump marketing campaign member George Papadopoulos‘s early information of Russians having damaging materials on Donald Trump‘s rival candidate Hillary Clinton.

From late July to November 2016, the joint effort between the FBI, the Central Intelligence Company (CIA), and the National Safety Agency (NSA) examined evidence of Russian meddling within the 2016 United States presidential election. The FBI’s staff enjoyed a big diploma of autonomy inside the broader interagency probe.

The FBI’s work was taken over on Might 17, 2017, by the Special Counsel investigation of 2017–2019, which ultimately resulted within the Mueller Report. Mueller concluded that Russian interference occurred in a “sweeping and systematic trend” and that there were substantial hyperlinks with the Trump campaign, but that the proof obtainable to investigators didn’t establish that the Trump marketing campaign had “conspired or coordinated” with the Russian government.

So we perceive now that this investigation started ‘formally’ in July of 2016, though we’re seeing evidence that the planning of ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ doubtless started not long after Trump turned the presumptive Republican celebration nominee on Might 3rd, after his victory in Indiana and the withdrawal of the last rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, from the race. Extra proof is coming out day by day that ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ was not an investigation as a lot because it was a blatant try by higher-ups across the U. S. intelligence spectrum who are revealing themselves as key gamers in the Deep State.

The investigation’s ‘supposed’ inception was based mostly on George Papadopoulos’ meeting with European professor Joseph Mifsud; nevertheless we now know that the story that Mifsud was there to disclose Russia-sourced filth on Hillary Clinton to Papadopoulos is a fabrication in accordance with both Papadopoulos and Mifsud himself. Allegations of sinister ties between Russia and former Trump aide Carter Web page, which led to FISA warrants which the IG report stated have been ‘illegally obtained’ to spy on the Trump marketing campaign, have been equally a fabrication.

The Special Counsel Investigation headed by Robert Mueller, which took over two years and turned up completely no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, can now be seen for what it is: a continuation of the work that began with the Crossfire Hurricane investigation whose sole motive was to subvert the election and activities of a duly elected president. And the conversion of the Crossfire Hurricane efforts into the much broader public spectacle that was the Particular Counsel was made attainable by James Comey leaking information about the conferences with Trump:

York: The second a part of the story was the leak of the truth that the highest intel officials had briefed the president-elect about this salacious info. The assembly takes place on January sixth; on January 10th, CNN stories an unique: “The nation’s prime intel officials have briefed the president-elect about embarrassing private info that was gathered by a former British intelligence operative…”

Dobbs: All of which was concocted by Hillary Clinton-funded, Democratic National Committee-funded–oh yes!–and FBI-funded fiction-writing on the a part of Christopher Steele.

York: And this leak was absolutely important because it gave the information hook to report the file.

The famed ‘Steele Dossier,’ which was the source of the claims that Comey was warning Trump about in their one-on-one meeting, which is the supply for the leaks to the press, which was the inspiration for the inception of the Special Counsel, which was the idea for FISA purposes that Comey signed was, in Comey’s personal phrases to Congress, ‘salacious and unverified.’ Wow. How’s he ever going to get previous that?

Comey’s Alibi

The wobbly leg James Comey is making an attempt to stand on is to make individuals consider that his cause for going above and beyond the regulation and FBI laws is as a result of he felt he was doing what was greatest for the nation. Despite the fact that there turned out to be no credible evidence at all that Trump or even members of his marketing campaign have been colluding with Russia, he is still making an attempt to persuade folks that he was convinced on the time that Donald Trump was such a menace to the safety of the nation as a consequence of his alleged ties to Russia that he wanted to take those extraordinary measures.

That is where the schism between mainstream perception is absolutely beginning to break away from actuality and common sense. Deep State insiders like Comey have so long been protected behind a compliant mainstream media and other perception-controlling mechanisms that they nonetheless assume that in the event that they get up and say one thing forthright and authoritative that the majority of individuals will consider them. But solely the sleepiest of folks at the moment are buying Comey’s alibi.

A far more affordable rationalization, which fits far beyond the simplistic notion that he hated Trump, is that Comey was working with the opposite heads of intelligence to stop an outsider from coming into the White House and instantly inflicting all types of hassle for the insiders. Within the case of Brennan and Clapper, this is able to have been seen as a menace to their large domestic surveillance operation, which was mentioned in my previous article ‘The Hidden Purpose The ‘Russia Collusion’ Investigation Ever Acquired Began.‘ Within the case of Hillary Clinton and her minions, it was the menace that lots of her crimes corresponding to Uranium One and the personal e mail server scandal would truly be correctly investigated moderately than persevering with to be coated up.

The Insider/Outsider Recreation In Washington

I just lately came across an article on ZeroHedge that outlined what it means to be an insider in Washington, and I consider it’s germane to our dialogue right here:

Back in 2009, when the Obama administration was busy making certain the nation’s financiers would grow to be larger, extra highly effective and never serve a day in jail regardless of their historic crime spree, Larry Summers had dinner with Elizabeth Warren. In the course of the course of that meal, he instructed her about how energy actually features in the U.S.:

A telling anecdote includes a dinner that Ms. Warren had with Lawrence H. Summers, then the director of the National Economic Council and a prime economic adviser to President Obama. The dinner happened within the spring of 2009, after the oversight panel had produced its third report, concluding that American taxpayers have been at far higher danger to losses in TARP than the Treasury had let on.

After dinner, “Larry leaned again in his chair and provided me some recommendation,” Ms. Warren writes. “I had a selection. I might be an insider or I might be an outsider. Outsiders can say whatever they want. But individuals on the inside don’t take heed to them. Insiders, nevertheless, get a lot of entry and an opportunity to push their ideas. Individuals — highly effective individuals — take heed to what they need to say. But insiders additionally understand one unbreakable rule: They don’t criticize different insiders.

“I had been warned,” Ms. Warren concluded.

It’s additionally value noting that Larry Summers gave that insider speech to Elizabeth Warren years earlier than she was elected to the U.S. Senate. He was warning her that until she stopped inflicting issues and agreed to play the sport by this gangster code, she would by no means get anyplace and nobody would ever take heed to her.

The people who I discuss with right here as Deep State players, on this case Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Hillary, and the like, are the ‘insiders,’ people who help each other enjoying video games above the regulation and sworn to play ball and never criticize each other, regardless of how egregious the crimes they are witness to. The assumption that this insider group still maintains the facility to defend its members from prosecution would appear to be what Comey, Brennan Clapper, and Hillary Clinton are hanging onto, and fuels their continued castigation of President Trump on Twitter and different public forums.

However indicators are rising that this protection has slowly been crumbling since Trump took office–by design. The number of firings and resignations alone is a sign. The fact that Lawyer Common William Barr determined to cross on prosecuting Comey for these offenses is not any exoneration for Comey, just a short-term reprieve. When it comes time to convey up deeper issues, like Comey’s signature on FISA warrants that he himself admits have been based mostly on ‘proof’ that was salacious and unverified, or different info that clearly brings to mild that James Comey was involved in a legal conspiracy, it seems affordable to assume that James Comey, and ‘insiders’ like him, are going to need to face the music.

The Takeaway

Nothing happens accidentally. It looks like we’re in the last act of recent political theatre, where the good reveal is about to happen for the whole audience.

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