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Travel ’86: What’s Your Trip?

Travel ’86: What’s Your Trip?

What’s Your Journey?
Might 27, 1986
Survey by Lois Draegin

Poet, actor, musician
One of the best I’ve ever had have been once I took some money as much as Grand Central Station, received a practice going up the Hudson, and just received off in an arbitrary city and went and stayed at a motel. Alone. For a day. Then I just wan­der around the city slightly bit, have a couple of bucks in my pocket so I should buy a pleasant e-book. All of the sightseeing spots, like an enormous puddle in a vacant lot, are revelations to me ’trigger I’ve never seen them earlier than and I’m a complete stranger and I’m alone. Each time I’ve gone on a trip with anyone else where the thought was to go and have enjoyable, get out of the strain and rat race of New York, it’s been utter horror and tedium and viciousness. I hate taking vacations as a result of I’m out of my factor. I’m only really on trip once I’m alone in my condo.

New York nightlife czar
I haven’t gone out of Manhattan in years.
The Hamptons? Yeah, okay, but that’s for work, so you possibly can mention that, positive.
I don’t know the final time I took a vacation. I don’t keep in mind. My business is the type that you simply simply need to do night time and day. I can’t journey. Can’t you hear the telephones ringing?

Bahia, Brazil, is my favorite place in my world. It has the cleanest, most lovely water. The food is unimaginable, and the individuals are actually lovely. It’s far sufficient away from New York.
I’m going there yearly for a month or two — as long as potential. My good friend Kenny Scharf has a house there, so I often stay there half the time, then go to different cities the rest of the time. Most of the time I just swim and lay in the solar; and eat; and paint.
Travel Ideas: Study to talk Portuguese, be­cause nobody speaks En­glish. Avoid sharks. Don’t drink the water. By no means trust the taxi drivers.

Actor and playwright, presently starring in his own Vampire Lesbians of Sodom
Ooo, I just had a wonderful vacation. I wanted to discover a place to go for five days. I informed the travel agent I needed a place that was tropical, the place you would lie in the sun, however that had like a triplex movie show or one thing you can do at night time. He got here up with Key West.
So we went there and had a wonderful time. We stayed in a guest house. It was great because you sat by the pool — truly, the seashores are where all of the tacky hoi polloi hang out — but the pool is so pretty. And we met all types of people: we met a Spanish marquis and a hair dresser from Washington, D.C. At night time we went to marvelous restaurants. We noticed a horrible manufacturing of As Is, which was kind of amusing, and we went to see the singing group Gotham. We toured Hemingway’s house, then we visited the cemetery in Key West, which is real fascinating.
Journey Tip: I exploit sunscreen 15, so I spent five days in Key West and ended up lighter than once I left. It bleached me. In order that’s my travel tip — it’s also a magnificence tip.

Rapper extraordinaire (his identify says it all: Women Love Cool James)
In March I went to Hawaii. We went to Honolulu, then we went to Maui, then back to Honolulu, so it was very cool. I’ve by no means been to such a tropical place. It was my first trip that I paid for and went on. I’ve been on holidays before, however only in the States, like down South, the standard. However that was the first time I had went over to a place like that and chilled.
I selected Hawaii as a result of I knew the weather can be nice. I knew the bikinis can be good, I knew the bikinis can be nice, I knew the bikinis can be good. They have been. It was an unimaginable experi­ence. Plus the view in Maui — you see the ocean and the mountains and the cliffs.
I used to be there an entire week, so it was cool. I took one among my pals with me, E Love — he’s in my group. We laid on the seashore, received just a little darker, and just cooled out. Didn’t touch the Maui Wowie, however I used to be coolin’. Runnin’ round, havin’ fun, losing money. Just going to totally different locations, like Pearl Harbor and all up within the mountains, things like that; shopping for clothes, buying individuals presents.
The most effective thing about Hawaii  was not having to rise up early within the morning and simply hangin’. Simply with the ability to do what I would like.

Transcategorical choreographer/composer/performer
If I ever go on vacation I attempt to go to New Mexico. Often I’ve sung a live performance as a approach of getting there, then I’ll stay for some time. Simply being there is like a trip, even if I’m working.
I like the expansiveness of  the land­scape, and I just like the dry warmth very much. I just like the type of danger that kind of terrain has. It’s a very powerful sort of thing, and also you do feel that you simply’re slightly in peril all the time: rattlesnakes, what­ever. You are feeling a sure energy of the panorama, and it’s a very fascinating per­spective to have, coming from New York. It does fascinating issues for my work, too.
One of many issues that’s superb is how the terrain modifications in a short time: it goes from mountainous, pine-tree kind of ter­rain to abandon within half an hour. So there’s a variety of totally different sorts of terrain in that area. There are canyons which are lovely and pine timber, but my favorite is the desert, those dry hills of sagebrush, the place you really get that expansive sky and the quiet.

Writer (The Wanderers, The Breaks, Women Man)
I’m going to Italy, anyplace, from Sicily to the Italian border in the north. Italy’s fundamental produce is type. It’s a very heat, trendy, clever country. They are saying France knows the best way to prepare dinner, Italy knows find out how to eat: it seems like a cliché, however that’s the nut of it for me. Once I’m in Italy, I don’t really feel like I’m traveling, I feel like I’m liv­ing. But there’s one place in France I might point out, the Périgord region, the place all the foie gras comes from. In case you go there in season, you cross all these farms where 400-pound geese waddle after your automotive with these desperate seems to be in their faces — like “Save me, save me.” Nonetheless, I’d go to the shittiest a part of Italy before I’d go virtually any­where else.

In the summertime I virtually all the time go to the Thousand Islands, which I hate to publicize because more individuals will come. I’ve been going there since I was 12. We. have an enormous family, 20 acres, and woods and boats and tennis courts, an enormous home, visitor houses. We have been huge on water ski­ing, treacherous feats — 12 behind a boat going by means of a slender cross sort of factor. We also did numerous exploring by boat, discovering islands we didn’t know ex­isted. The river is now polluted. We still swim in it, but once I was 12 we used to dip in a glass and drink.
Now, in my previous age, I sit in a former ice house at a typewriter and infrequently look out the window on the geese and the good blue heron. I do play somewhat tennis, but I’ve now developed exercise-induced bronchial asthma. Five minutes on the courtroom and I’m huffing and puffing. I’m deciding to take up golf — the geriatric delight.
In the winter I think about South America and Mexico. I’ve family in Argentina; they reside on a ranch across from La Perla, which was one of many massive­gest focus camps in the course of the 1970s, in order that’s a bit, ahem, psychologi­cally robust whenever you understand you’re en­sconced within the nest of the oligarchy. It’s like being throughout the highway from Da­chau and having everyone telling you this isn’t occurring.
My travels at the moment are political. In Argen­tina I interviewed the moms of the dis­appeared. Then I went to Uruguay and taped the Tupamaros as they exited from jails after 15 years. Then I went to Bue­nos Aires to a army trial and took notes. My primary goal on this journey was to collect details for a novel I’ve been writ­ing for five years. Then I went to Rio for that facelift I wrote about.
Journey Ideas: I by no means comply with it, but by no means deliver any clothes. Never take a charter flight. That is the greatest travel tip I might give anybody: Keep away from plans altogether.

Sui generis… poet/filmmaker
I’m going to Port Jervis, New York, about twice a month. I have a good friend with a pleasant property there. He has 4 canine and six cats. I am keen on animals and I take all of the canine for walks 3 times a day. They sleep with me and every little thing.
I suppose Port Jervis was thriv­ing up until 1942, or one thing like that, when all the young males went away to warfare. Now the town is type of suspended in time. It has an different­world quality, like a twilight zone. It’s sort of dairy country, with low mild rolling hills, woods, an ideal pond, previous stone partitions. The Delaware River just isn’t distant, and we go rafting on that, which is a terrific pastime. It’s amazingly lovely and only 75 miles away. In truth, individuals are finding it out now, and my good friend’s getting fearful.
In fact, I might spend the rest of my life dwelling six months in Greece and six months in Manhattan. I’m waiting for Brian McNally, who owns Indochine, to buy a restaurant in Greece. He’s promised I might have the house over the restaurant. Then I might come down and dance with the native Greeks.

The last place I went on vacation was Italy. I took an Italian holiday for 10 days. Buying. That’s what I did. It was for the act of it: go to Rome, buy groceries.
Often once you journey you’re sup­posed to convey the least quantity neces­sary to tug. Nicely, this was the other. I went with the thought of getting dressed and turning it out on the streets of Rome. I had my entire wardrobe there, turned it out, brought hats, suits, coats. It was like theater. So I slept, obtained up, hung out, referred to as room service, went out for lunch, went buying. It was certainly one of these mov­ies type of journeys. It was good, especially in Italy — the Italians like all that stuff. They’re very overdone, in order that they actually re­sponded to it.

Writer of brief story collections Later the Similar Day, Monumental Modifications on the Last Minute, and The Little Distur­bances of Man; political activist
I never take into consideration holidays. That makes me sound like a workhorse, whereas I’m the precise reverse. I stay in Vermont half the time, and New York. Both of these two locations is fantastic. If I think of a trip, I’d wish to be in either a type of two locations without some other work than my writing.
I haven’t been near an ocean sufficient in my life. Right here I am in New York, proper subsequent to an ocean, and I don’t even comprehend it, right? So I’d wish to stay near an ocean and know that I stay there, with full information of the place I’m. It wouldn’t be a trip, but it will be dwelling some­the place else, which is my concept of a trip.
And I wish to go someplace I haven’t been — wherever that is. A lot of the world, I assume. I like all over the place I’ve been — how might you not? But being alone road is usually good, too. At this time the ginkgo leaves are sticking out their pinkies.

Jazz musician-saxophonist and com­poser
I’m going to the Caribbean, St. Croix, annually. I like it because it’s scorching and the individuals down there seem like me.
Journey Tip: Take some time off.

Choreographer/director of the imagistic hit theater piece, Vienna Lusthaus
Each time I feel, the place would I most wish to be in this horrible mo­ment, the answer is often someplace in Italy, gorging my face with pasta.
There’s an exquisite town referred to as Ra­vello. It’s on the Amalfi coast within the mountains, and it’s the place Wagner wrote Parsifal. One needs to whisper there, it’s so superior, so lovely; you understand, lem­on groves, terraced hills, a gorgeous little Romanesque city square with an previous church. I additionally adore Venice. It’s like being in a fairy tale: the light, the odor, the gondolas, the entire enterprise.
Travel Tip: I used to be very frightened of going to a serious city with no lodge res­ervation, but now I all the time worm my approach into someplace.

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