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Understanding the Hot/Creepy Matrix (Or: The Hot Celebrity Exception)

Understanding the Hot/Creepy Matrix (Or: The Hot Celebrity Exception)

Everyone has their responsible pleasures: issues that they do this they might in all probability refuse to admit to in public. I mean, I don’t, however that’s principally because I had my sense of guilt surgically eliminated in 2006, but, y’know. Everyone else does.

And that’s between you and your Google history, chief

One of many closest things I’ve to a guilty pleasure is the relationships.txt twitter feed. Having one of the best – or a minimum of, most what-and-I-can’t-stress-this-enough-the-FUCK – elements of Reddit delivered to my Twitter timeline regularly provides me my every day dose of both rage and reassurance that I will by no means be out of labor. Plus every so often, there’s a story that serves as a main example of a number of the things I warn individuals about.

After which there’re tales that in and of themselves are fascinating… however it’s the reactions they provoke which are extra fascinating.

Such is the case of the Jailbait Birthday Creeper.

The Curious Case of The Birthday Cake In The Night time Time

On Might 24th, a Redditor posted a story to the Am I The Asshole subreddit, where posters current situations and ask: where they within the incorrect to behave this manner? Reddit account u/throweotro requested: “AITA for flirting with 19 yr previous women and defending myself when being referred to as a predator?” , through which he associated a story of approaching a gaggle of 19 yr previous women having an impromptu birthday celebration at an area bar and grill. The submit caught hearth, reaching the entrance page of Reddit. This brought about a deluge of feedback, upvotes and downvotes, ultimately resulting in mods locking the submit and removing the original publish till the furor dies down.


Thankfully, relationships.txt received the screenshots.

The ladies in question have been, for sure, less than impressed by a 30 yr previous man making an attempt to hit on a gaggle of 19 yr olds. Up to now, so typical. The whole state of affairs went about as well as might be expected, which is to say, it blew up messily and everywhere. Once more, not that uncommon. But whereas the guy approaching them was pretty clearly within the improper – even his wingmen have been making an attempt to tug him away – a mess of individuals decided that the younger ladies have been, actually, the assholes in query. Many people defended the original poster, insisting that maybe he was simply awkward they usually have been unnecessarily cruel to someone who repeatedly refused to go away when summarily dismissed by disinterested women almost half his age.

Others needed to defend an older man’s proper to creep on younger women, insisting that many women can be thrilled by an older man giving them consideration. However many – notably from the Purple Capsule and Incel crowds – decided to show this into the brand new trigger célèbre of one of many oldest and hoariest clichés: it’s only creepy when you’re not scorching.


Amusingly, being a famous movie star hasn’t stored individuals from calling Moby a creeper for his – ahem – “relationship” with Natalie Portman.

Natalie? Are you okay? Blink twice in case you need assistance…

So since this has come up yet once more, let’s speak a bit about just what makes someone creepy and – more importantly – why it will still be creepy if it have been Leonardo DiCaprio hitting on them.

Sure, It’s Still Creepy if Brad Pitt Does It

The idea of the recent/creeper matrix is straightforward: it’s only creepy when you’re not scorching. Inviting a younger, impressionable lady again to a secluded location? Should you’re scorching, it’s a hook-up. For those who’re not, then it’s the cold-open of a Regulation & Order: SVU episode. Waking up in a stranger’s room with no reminiscence of how you bought there? It’s cool if he’s a scorching, jacked billionaire…

However once I carry an unconscious lady right into a lodge like a take-out pizza, individuals “have questions” and need me to “sit over there.”

I’ve even seen otherwise critical web sites use a variation as “The Brad Pitt” check, beneath the idea that Brad would by no means get turned down, never get ghosted or otherwise never be lacking for the company of any lady (and lots of men and non-binary buddies) that he needs. Which, truthfully, goes to point out that people don’t fairly get it.

Lately, numerous wags will simply quote the Tom Brady SNL sketch as “Be Engaging/Don’t Be Unattractive” as though it’s the last word mic-drop argument as an alternative of truly partaking with the topic or making an attempt to truly perceive why a gaggle of 19 yr previous ladies may be repulsed by a random 31 yr previous hitting on them at an Yard Home and never Leonardo DiCaprio, star of The Basketball Diaries, Titanic and Romeo + Juliet.

Although I feel people underestimate how many people assume he’s a cradle-robber.

But let us investigate this principle for a second. Actually, let’s go back to the Leo DiCaprio instance from earlier. Allow us to posit that Leo is available on the market for a brand new girlfriend and was coincidentally enjoying an appletini at this Completely-Not-TGI-Friday’s. He sees this birthday celebration occurring and strolls over to wish the birthday woman success in her new yr of life and asks her for her quantity. Because she had seen Titanic at a formative age, the young lady is flattered and provides her number to him.

Is perhaps a special story if she noticed The Seashore as an alternative…

Wouldn’t it stand to cause then that the singular distinction between Leo and our erstwhile Redditor is his lack of movie star and boyish attractiveness?

Properly… not likely. See the difficulty here isn’t the Redditor isn’t as wealthy, as well-known or as scorching. The truth is that the individuals who complain that it’s solely creepy in the event you’re ugly are missing an essential part of flirting: mutual curiosity and mutual consent. The truth that someone may be good wanting doesn’t mechanically give them a cross to do no matter they want. Someone may be scorching as a four alarm hearth, however you still don’t want them touching you.

We let individuals we’re interested in do issues that we wouldn’t permit from individuals we aren’t interested in as a result of we would like those specific individuals doing these things.

(And let me inform you, straight men determine that out actually shortly when scorching gay guys hit on them.)

It’s not about whether or not a person hits all the proper demographic notes, as a result of we don’t date based mostly points on a spreadsheet. Seems, cash and movie star aren’t stackable buffs that allow you to roll with benefit on saves vs. rejection. We date the holistic individual.

That’s why in this state of affairs, the difficulty is that he isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio. Not “isn’t as scorching as” Leo. Not “isn’t as rich as” Leo. It’s that he isn’t Leo, specifically. 

Scorching Or Not Has Nothing To Do With It

The “It’s not creepy for those who’re scorching” argument is, at this point, older than steam. I’ve heard some variation of this comment – including the “It’s not creepy when you’re Brad Pitt/Leonardo DiCaprio/Robert Pattinson” subgenre – since I started this website.


Poke any incel discussion board or MGTOW group and you’ll see the identical refrain again and again: hotness trumps all the things. Scorching people get away with issues that the merely average can solely dream of, whereas the trolls danger being pepper-sprayed merely for present. And while it’s true that magnificence privilege exists, the very fact of the matter is that this widespread grievance isn’t truly about appears. In any case, loads of celebrities get shot down regardless of having signed the standard Wealthy and Famous contracts.

However frankly, the issue isn’t that this guy wasn’t “scorching enough” or because he didn’t have a high-enough Q rating. The relative degree of superstar or hotness is completely irrelevant. In truth, in her response to the Reddit submit, consumer Newnewnoy factors out: “He was an honest wanting, match man. If [I’d] never met him, I’d set him up with my aunt.”

The rationale why this would-be Casanova received shot down was three-fold.

First was the fact that he was approaching a gaggle of 19 yr olds. This in and of itself is sketchy as hell. While yes, they’re legally adults, individuals are likely to look askance when a grown man is hitting on ladies who’re almost half his age. There are various questions to be had about why somebody in his 30s is needs up to now somebody who isn’t even capable of drink legally but. Hell, his buddies have been making an attempt to offer him the wave-off, which he ignored.

Second was the truth that this wasn’t at a bar that occurred to serve meals, as he implied in his submit. Nor was a place the place people go to drink, celebration and perhaps hook-up. It was an Applebees-wanna-be, a restaurant that happens to have a bar. Individuals aren’t going there to get laid, they’re going to have dinner and hang out with associates. By hitting on his fellow diners, he’s violating the social context. The extra your conduct diverges from the social context of the venue, the more uncomfortable individuals are going to feel.

The third is that, frankly, he didn’t need to give up while he was behind. He ignored multiple indicators that not one of the ladies have been keen on him. It wasn’t even a case of getting delicate “no’s”; by his personal admission, they informed him bluntly to piss off. As an alternative, he needed to stay and argue that he had the correct to hit on adults and it wasn’t truthful to call him a pedophile.

“Um, truly, they’re over 10, so technically he’s an ephebophile and that’s double dumbass on you.”

The truth that he wasn’t wealthy, famous or had a string of near-misses throughout Oscar season have been all irrelevant. He was a man making an attempt to remain regardless of advised to go away. Repeatedly.

If we have been to posit that, slightly than the original poster, Leo DiCaprio have been to roll up on the table and act precisely the identical means that he had, then based on this principle, the ladies would have welcomed his interest with open arms. In actuality, nevertheless, things would have performed out the identical method. The one major difference can be the number of stories on TMZ and Jezebel about Leo being a creeper.


Attraction Doesn’t Have To Be Truthful

Now typically people will complain that it’s not truthful that scorching individuals get all the advantages and may say issues that might lead to people calling the police if it got here from anyone else. They’re lacking the purpose solely. Ignoring the number of occasions when scorching dudes have been creepy as shit, we all give individuals totally different privileges based mostly on our relationship to them and how we feel about them. Totally different individuals get totally different levels of access to us; some of our pals have hug privileges or informal contact privileges. Others don’t. Shut associates get to say things which may begin a struggle if anyone else stated them.

So it is with the individuals we’re interested in. Ladies are going to let Hotty McHotterson come closer, put his arms in places she wouldn’t let folks near and say issues that may get anybody else a go to from the Slap Fairy as a result of she likes him. And for those who assume that guys don’t let people they’re turned on by get away with outrageous shit… properly, you’ve underestimated the facility of boners.

“Yeah, she insists that she’s actually a Pink Lectroid from Planet 10 within the Eighth Dimension, however when she takes her garments off, all that appears to disappear…

But extra importantly: no one is obligated to offer any person an opportunity, regardless of whomever else they’ve been right down to flirt with. Attraction isn’t fungible and consent isn’t transitory. In case you’ve consented to flirt with one specific individual doesn’t imply that you simply’ve also consented to flirt with anybody who’s statistically comparable. A lady might properly open to being hit on by a well-known, good wanting movie star who’s older than them. That doesn’t imply that they’re additionally open to being hit on by someone who isn’t that well-known, good wanting superstar, despite being of an identical age. It meant that they have been into that first individual as an individual.

Hell, the fact that he’s a star might or might not come into play. Perhaps it gave in a foot in the door… however that doesn’t guarantee that he was going to get anyplace. They could have suitable life. They could share comparable pursuits. She may really like the best way he smells or he has some quality in addition to his appears that she really digs on. But on the finish of the day, she likes him as a result of he’s him, not because he matches certain demographics.

Or to place it another approach: just because like MILF porn doesn’t mean that you simply’re going to need to get down with any lady simply because she’s in her late 40s to early 50s.

The Real Drawback Is Entitlement

On the end of the actual difficulty on the core of the grievance that “it’s not creepy once they’re scorching” is one in every of entitlement. The lads who complain that the distinction being creepy and not creepy is about appears are finally complaining concerning the “fairness” of it all. The fact that one individual will get “privileges” that they don’t is unfair – particularly when the deciding issue is something they supposedly haven’t any management over.

However it still comes right down to the assumption that they’re entitled to any person’s time and a spotlight. That they’re by some means “owed” the chance to hit on anyone and be given the same consideration that the opposite guys are getting. And if they do get shot down, they’re owed a well mannered and delicate refusal… regardless of how impolite they have been being.

“All I requested was what number of drinks it might take earlier than I might put it in her ass. Do you see how unreasonable she’s being?”

This is one thing that comes up time and time once more within the comments on the AITA publish: how impolite the 19 yr olds have been. How dare they maintain calling him R. Kelly and implying he was too previous for them? It’s intolerable for them to dismiss him so coldly after having given him a bit of cake for the street and informed him, repeatedly, that he made them uncomfortable. How dare they not let him make the case that he wasn’t truly creepy for hitting on him.

And finally, that’s the issue right here. It’s not that a 31 yr previous approached a gaggle of teens, and even that he did so at a Virtually-Definitely-Not-Chili’s. It’s that he thought his want to talk to them outweighed their want to be left alone.

Should you don’t need to be creepy, then don’t attempt to stick round where you’re not needed.



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