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Woodstock: The 10th Largest City in the United States

Woodstock: The 10th Largest City in the United States

The 10th Largest City in america
August 21, 1969

The Aquarian Exposition at the Woodstock Music and Artwork Truthful was pretty outrageous by anyone’s requirements. Stoned foolish more often than not, more than half one million freaks from everywhere in the nation made the painful pilgrimage to Max Yasgur’s 600-acre arm to play within the mud.

Though at first the music was a ok purpose for the gathering at White Lake, after the drought, the famine, and the downpour one received the feeling that one thing larger was at stake. Indeed, most people who made the trip appeared to be on the lookout for a sort of historic popping out get together of the East Coast freak population. Most of the longhairs who walked as much as 10 miles to the truthful grounds after abandoning their automobiles have been the one hippies on their block or in their hometown, and the mass rally served as a confirmation of their life fashion after months of sitting alone counting their psychedelic beads.

White Lake was an ordeal or an ecstatic journey depending on whether or not you see the glass as half full or half empty. While the faint hearts will complain concerning the unimaginable visitors circumstances, the shortage of planning, sanitation, water, and meals, and the overall mismanagement of the truthful, most of those who came accepted the unbearable circumstances as part of the problem of the outing.

Now in the event you can think about a hip model of Jones Seashore transported to a struggle zone in Vietnam in the course of the monsoon, perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of what White Lake seemed like a day after the long-haired troops occupied the world. The roads have been hopelessly botched with no one to unsnarl them, automobiles moved extra slowly than the infinite columns of foot-weary refugees walking patiently for numerous helicopters ferrying rock groups in and out of the world made everyone feel as if they have been out on patrol.

Perhaps most superb was the physical stamina, tolerance, and good nature of a principally indoor, city group of individuals caught in wretched outside circumstances. It showed more dramatically than any planned demonstration might have that hip youngsters are basically totally different from the beer-drinking, fit-fighting Fort Lauderdale crowds of yesteryear. At White Lake individuals shared what that they had, missed their variations, stored their cool, and usually smiled all weekend.

From the beginning local residents tried to keep the youngsters off their land by lining up the whole family in seashore chairs along the edge of the property to observe the parade go by, take footage, and scream at anybody who tried to park a automotive or intrude. In the long run, nevertheless, it was like making an attempt to maintain the locust off the land, and most of them gave in. Their woods turned latrines, trash was scattered all over the place, ponds have been used for bathing, and crops have been stripped by hungry foragers. In retaliation a number of of the local individuals started selling meals and water at outrageous prices, but these have been soon outnumbered by the more charitable members of the group, who began soup and sandwich kitchens in nearby Monticello and left the hose operating on the entrance lawn.

By about 1 p.m. on Monday Louis Foschiono, smoking a cigar and describing himself as a “well-known native resident,” turned up at the trailer of the organizers of the truthful to report that, “Apart from the visitors, all the local residents actually favored the truthful.”

Round Saturday afternoon, nevertheless, if one had listened to announcements from the one-acre stage in the midst of the truthful grounds or to local radio stations, it sounded as if White Lake was the center of a catastrophe. Much of the speak about emergencies turned out to be both overexcitement, an effort to maintain extra individuals from coming into the world, or a plea for people who have been already there to maintain themselves together.

Rumors unfold shortly predicting one type of epidemic or one other while in reality the problems of White Lake have been those of any comparatively giant metropolis. In the course of the course of the weekend three individuals died (one was run over by a tractor accidentally, one other died from an overdose of heroin, while a third died from a burst appendix), three babies have been born, dozens of miscarriages have been reported, more than 400 individuals have been treated for dangerous acid journeys, round 4000 for minor accidents, and about 150 youngsters have been busted — outdoors the truthful grounds — for possession of narcotics.

The pink and white hospital tent near the principal helicopter touchdown space was a busy place for some time, with docs treating reduce ft and then putting plastic baggies around them in order that the sufferer might walk the 10 miles back to his automotive with out dropping his bandages. One of the bearded docs defined that a lot of the youngsters who came in on dangerous acid journeys have been just scared that they had been poisoned, have been suffering from minor abdomen cramps, or in a few of the youthful instances just felt lonely.

Communications have been troublesome. The gang was too giant to seek out anyone in, and the loudspeaker was reserved for emergencies. Most requires volunteers to help repair broken water pipes and sanitation techniques have been transmitted regionally by word of mouth, but sometimes bizarre requests can be aired over the microphone: “Will Daisy Johnson please go to the Hog Farm kitchen? Sammy Cohen needs to marry you.”


“Do you understand that if all of us stayed here we’d be the 10th largest city in the USA,” a 17-year-old blond boy sporting a chimney-sweep’s cap and carrying a gallon jug of water instructed.

“Yeah, that might be far-out, man, but who would need to stay here?” one of the few black youngsters who came to the truthful stated as he surveyed the elbow-to-elbow crowd sitting on a hillside of mud and trash.

Over the loudspeaker a scared voice warns the gang that somebody is promoting poison tabs of flat blue acid and that there are already quite a few individuals within the infirmary who’re very sick because of having taken it.

“Wow, are you able to think about what it’s wish to be tripping and hear that?” a tall woman with braids and a peasant shirt stated to her neighbor.

Her neighbor, who was tripping, might nicely imagine what it was like and calculated that if one out of each 10 individuals had taken acid that afternoon — a conservative estimate — it will imply there have been about 40,000 individuals spaced out in his speedy neighborhood.

“If I caught that bastard passing out dangerous acid I’d make him eat all his personal dope,” a bug-eyed boy in an extended black cape stated flatly.

A couple of hours later Hugh Romney of the outlandish Sante Fe Hog Farm Commune obtained up on stage and invited anybody who was on a bummer to return up to their teepees and sit around and rap.

“That’s virtually value a nasty trip,” a commune groupie stated as she received up and headed off to find a hog.

“I’ve obtained acid right here, mescaline, and hash,” a vendor with shoulder-length dark hair referred to as to the gang he waded via like a popcorn salesman at a football stadium. Nobody was very nervous about being busted in the midst of 400,000 freaks, and dealing was achieved out in the open.

Public nudity was also fairly cool, and by Saturday couples have been swimming collectively within the lake with out anyone stopping to gawk. In a approach the nudity appeared extra natural and mandatory than trendy, since everyone was continually getting drenched in the rain and enormous numbers of individuals have been sporting the only clothes that they had. By Sunday, nevertheless, the bathers had gotten bolder and have been sunning themselves on towels and petting each other as if it have been probably the most pure factor on the planet. By Monday a number of couples have been making it in public, guys have been strolling round with unembarrassed erections, and one unidentified young man was arrested walking residence alongside the highway with no clothes on.

When Monday morning lastly got here it was grey and damp and everybody was huddled in soggy blankets. But up on stage Jimi Hendrix, sporting turquoise velvet pants, a studded turquoise belt, a grey suede fringed shirt with turquoise and white beading, a jade medallion on a pink headband, and a pastel tie-dyed leg scarf, played a combined version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “Taps” and ended up with “Hey Joe” regardless of the audience’s request for Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower.”

When it was time to go, groups clustered round improvised signs for all the totally different states of the union to get rides house, and even a hungry wanting couple from Minot, North Dakota, discovered a automotive that was headed their method.

Like the Sinai Desert after the Egyptian retreat, the grounds of Max Yasgur’s farm have been coated with lots of of pairs of ownerless footwear, a very good 10,000 soggy sleeping luggage, countless toothbrushes, and the stench that any giant crowd leaves behind. Regardless of the mess, Max was nonetheless convinced he’d carried out the suitable factor and acquired the longest, loudest standing ovation of the weekend from his friends.

Hare Krishna disciples with shaved heads, flowing robes, finger cymbals, and a vacant faraway look in their eyes weaved by way of the departing crowds passing out peacock feathers. And hard-working members of Students for a Democratic Society made their means from automotive to automotive alongside the congested highways making an attempt to sell their copies of New Left Notes. They appeared to be assembly with little success.

“Hey, man, stop promoting papers and be a part of the revolution,” an outrageous, toothless dope freak stated from the tailgate of an overburdened station wagon when he was provided some radical literature. A woman with a unbelievable magic marker design centered around her naked navel and a stupendous smile unfold throughout her muddy face provided the vendor half a grapefruit.

A younger man with pink hair carrying a pair of damaged sandals stated as he watched the gang depart, “It’s unimaginable. Last yr, there have been lower than 10,000 of us in Chicago, and now take a look at this army.” It’s troublesome to say which was the more revolutionary event.


August 21, 1969

I KNOW it sounds strange that an occasion which drew as many individuals as did the Woodstock Music and Artwork Truthful might become a monetary disaster, nevertheless it really appears to be true.

Their unique plan was that anyone might attend and camp on the 600 acres, besides in the fenced-off natural amphitheatre dealing with the stage, which was concerning the measurement of 30 football fields. For these people who needed to see and listen to the present itself, entrances within the fence, staffed by 300 off-duty New York City policemen, have been to be the place for ticket accumulating.

As you’ll have read, the police have been pulled off the job on the last minute, so solely 30 cops (beneath aliases) have been there. This crew was nowhere close to enough to mind the sector, especially with the sudden large turnout of individuals.

By Friday morning at 10 a.m. at the least 30,000 individuals had already spilled into the amphitheatre and set up camp. Near showtime on Friday afternoon, the Woodstock Ventures producers have been confronted with the issue of accumulating tickets.

That they had two decisions. One was to ask individuals on the sector to kindly depart. The announcement was made, but no one moved, since they have been so completely encamped. The second selection was to forcibly remove everyone and reinstall the fence, which by now was trampled down. The producers determined towards this recourse as a result of it will change the entire mood of the pageant to use drive.

From that time there was not much mention of tickets, the fences remained down, and the crowds milled in and out at will. Meanwhile, lots of people with three-day advance sale tickets have been turned away by the state police on the highways. Add to that the multitudes already established on the location far exceeded the expected attendance, so double essential supplies needed to be immediately bought and flown in.

If Woodstock Ventures returns the cash to people who had paid but have been turned away, they will additionally anticipate uncollected tickets sent in from those who have been there. As of Tuesday, they say that they had spent $2.8 million complete, grossed $1.3 million, which leaves a $1.5 million loss.

As a way to cover the super variety of checks they wrote towards non-existent financial institution balances in the course of the three days, Artie Kornfeld, one of the four principals in Woodstock Venture, flew back to the town by helicopter early Monday morning. He appeared, shirtless, leather vest and pants still spattered with pageant mud, on Wall Road and secured some quick loans. To further be sure they won’t be pressured into chapter 11, he and Mike Lang (Woodstock’s government producer) say they are personally guaranteeing the money owed.

One million and a half dollars is an enormous chunk to have dangling in pink. However the Ventures company has a number of attainable methods to recoup. They did have a number of movie crews capturing constantly around the website, and what with the good publicity the occasion acquired, the resultant movie ought to do nicely, although income often don’t start trickling in till a yr following a film’s release.

Also, every single word of music was professionally recorded, they usually’d wish to put out an enormous Woodstock album set. In this scheme, they’ve loads of problems. All the performers are signed to totally different document labels, and negotiations might grow to be a tangle. The primary purpose why Woodstock Ventures need to save their ass is that they need to put it on the road once more. Based mostly on every little thing that went down last weekend, they need to have the ability to properly arrange a pageant next yr, now figuring out the size to anticipate. The payoff will in all probability come on that one.


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